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Mentor helps organizations develop their organizational and human resources infrastructure by creating a talented and committed workforce through skill-based enhancement programs that suit their specific requirements.
From strategy through implementation, our holistic and integrated approach has achieved success in delivering quantifiable and value-driven results.

We bring a full spectrum of teaching methodology to our programs including: action learning, computer simulations, case studies, executive coaching, group projects and insights from industry experts. Our network of faculty includes experts in marketing, strategy, negotiations, leadership, operations, finance, strategic alliances, and globalization.

10 years a proven track record

500 consultants and experts.

Since the opening of its Dubai office in 2006, MENTOR has conducted over 2200 training days; helping 15,000 people to improve their lives and skills.

Mentor drives value through

Client Centric Approach

Every product we deliver is designed and executed based on our clients’ needs. By understanding the internal and external environmental drivers of our client, we are able to refine their solutions and advance their organizational excellence.

Research Based Organization

We take pride in our research based methodology. We transfer our clients’ vision into tangible return on investments through focused application of globally proven strategies.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance is not only limited to the delivery of our programs, but to processes that precede and follow course execution. ISO standards and international certifying bodies direct and govern our consulting and training services. Our quality assurance model is built on the following parameters; Commitment to client success and customization, Careful selection of program faculty and facilitators, Use of world class program content, Course material and delivery, and High standard program evaluation criteria.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to the responsibility of the modern business organization: ‘creating a healthy and prosperous society’.
We believe in the power of bringing good people together. We are a responsible business run by a team of responsible people.

International Reach

Serving business courses worldwide, we deliver our training and consulting services in English, Arabic, Spanish, and French.

Our Promise

To make a positive and sustainable impact within our clients’ organizations in every engagement we undertake. To provide our clients with innovatively designed solutions that effectively work for their organizations, are customized to their culture, meet their strategic direction and fit in with their organization’s life cycle stage. To offer our clients the opportunity to work with a first-rate consulting team, supported by leading subject matter experts with a wealth of knowledge in global best practices.

Professional Team

Each and every one of our team represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless Mentor’s potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team.

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Malek Moubasher

Malek Moubasher

Managing Director

Malek has regularly taken the role of an engagement partner for projects relating to performance improvement, performance management, human resources management, business process improvement, policies and procedures, strategic planning and management development.and enterprise performance management systems.

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What Our Clients Say

The coach reflected a very professional approach to the sessions held. She had a clear vision of what needs to be covered and she was able to solicit feedback in a sequential and logical manner. [She] never showed a superior attitude being a coach and being the one managing the sessions. Additionally, she had the capability of recapping and connecting sessions topics in a smart way. She is calm, accommodating, good listener and well qualified to interpret hidden message in a conversation.

  • Anas Husain
  • Head of Retail Credit Policy & Portfolio Management
  • RMG, RCP & PM

From day one I've joined L&D which is 2008 the relationship with Mentor was fruitful and at the expected level. Meeting business requirements and suggesting things that enhance the training in terms of topics and solutions. In brief, they update their clients with up-to-date solutions for the sake of client's business.

  • Mazen Edlibi
  • Training Manager
  • Dubai Islamic Bank

It was a great experience worked with Mentor. Personally I have learned lots from this project, the person who was appointed for this project is very great, punctual, accurate and flexible which helped us a lot in many times.

  • Rony Ghazy
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Emirates Environmental Technology LLC

On behalf of the team, we would like to thank you, it was great working with you on this project. We are looking forward to working together on upcoming projects.

  • Khulood Buzenjal
  • Senior HR Manager - Talent Acquisition

I would like to spread special thanks to [MENTOR team] for their efforts to keep our operational transaction running smoothly and efficiency last two working days which indicates professional and skills.

  • Belal Yousef M. Aqel
  • Operation Dept
  • ADIB - Almamzar Branch

I want to thank you for enabling smooth system roll out. I appreciate your on-ground dedicated support during the rollout period, and your excellent knowledge of the system that was reflected accordingly on the staff and their usage of the system.

  • Khalil Yaser Hassan
  • Virtual Branch Training Manager
  • ADIB , UAE

Thank you for all your support, superb service! What Mentor does is so professional

  • Nader Alayli
  • Assistant Training Manager Learning & Development
  • DIB - Human Resources Department

Thanks to you and your team for the detailed and diligent work on the project.

  • Philip King
  • Head of Retail Banking

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