Mentor Success Story in 2015

Mentor Success Story in 2015


One of the leading Islamic banks in UAE and region went through major front office system upgrades for their local branch network in efforts of their internal continues improvement. MENTOR GC successfully worked with client's team to achieve this major milestone, by providing training, onsite coaching and business help desk services at the client premises over the 9 months' period of the project implementation.

MENTOR GC team developed the training supporting materials such as detailed system manuals, assessment materials and state of the art E-Learning modules. In addition, the project consists of planning and delivering training for over 1,100 staff across 6 geographic, running 8 simultaneous sessions per day across 4 locations at a time. Leading to a result of more than 160 training sessions and over 4,000 man hours.

MENTOR GC team also provided onsite coaches at the branches for 2 or 3 days to assist the branch staff in using the new system. The team covered the full branch network in UAE, with a support of around the clock business help desk team to answer frequent inquiries and coordinating with IT and software vendor for resolutions of issues.

with tangible success of MENTOR GC, the client decided to continue the service with MENTOR GC teams to sustain the knowledge internally for another year. This project showed the strength of MENTOR GC in delivering major project with 20 dedicated team members, working in multi-location and remotely

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