MENTOR's Collaboration with UNECA

MENTOR's Collaboration with UNECA


MENTOR delivered two workshops of Effective Presentation (EP) training for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) at its base in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

All participants were from the UNECA division and were HR professionals and practitioners who were being introduced and trained (separately and internally) on its new HR ERP system (Umoja).  All participants are certified as Umoja trainers in various functional areas.
MENTOR's role was to prepare participants for delivering spectacular presentations when conducting their training courses in Umoja.
Our focus was on a number of key delivery/learning outcomes including

  1. Organizing and delivering content effectively using computer based methodology
  2. Planning and administrative tasks of presentation including room set up and environment
  3. Delivery techniques including the body, voice, nerves and vocal
  4. Audience participation and engagement
  5. Cultural factors in presenting
  6. Question and answer control

The training was accompanied with video recordings of the participants' presentations that were taken to provide constructive critique and profound, lively practice during the highly engaging training. Everyone gave a short presentation based on the pre course work set by MENTOR and there was feedback (teach back) sessions after each person had presented. This proved useful and popular!
Apart from this the groups enjoyed lively and interesting discussions on topics such as how to handle disruptive participants, shared views on preparation and also discussed the positive environments that embrace different culture and backgrounds.
Everyone was very participative, motivated and enjoyed the training. Lots of questions were asked and we shared with the participants practical examples and real life stories to put the training into context.  This was very welcomed and praised by the participants. We also discussed anticipated problems that they may face when presenting Umoja to their colleagues, giving participants practical tips to try and overcome them.
Many thanked MENTOR for the insights that were given before going into the field and delivering Umoja. 

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