Business Planning & Corporate Strategy

Business Planning
Business Planning and Corporate Strategy development is the backbone of MENTOR's consulting services and enables organizations to find strategic direction in business. We help companies to take a step back from the daily grind and look at the big picture, to be able to successfully achieve missions and overcome challenges.
We not only guide organizations in formulating strategies and future plans, but go further by charting the right implementation routes and providing tools that internally enable companies - through their own teams - to turn strategy on paper to reality. We also provide a monitoring and evaluation system to keep company leadership on track with strategy implementation and its modification to suit new situations, plans and market forces.

Business Planning helps organizations to define in greater depth their purpose, business model, market niche and competitive advantage. The benefit we offer is not only limited to strategy development, but also to the introduction of analytical and creative thinking approaches. We aim to make the process a truly educational experience and an eye-opener to new possibilities. The scope of our services encompasses the entire life-cycle of strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

Our expertise covers strategy development for corporations, businesses, government/public and non-profit (NGO) sectors.

Strategy that Fits

MENTOR has developed a thorough approach to strategy evaluation that takes into account Suitability, Feasibility and Acceptability. We evaluate the strategy's alignment with the organization's mission, capabilities and finances, and the availability of the right resources to implement it. We look at stakeholders' expectations for the organization's performance, and at the likely benefits and risks, while also assessing the probability and consequences of failure. MENTOR provides a comprehensive framework of measurement tools that monitor and evaluate progress of strategy implementation.

Preparing for Change

At MENTOR, we place great emphasis on strategy implementation and management, and help the companies we work with to organize the right resources internally that can carry out the change process. We also advise organizations on how to build internal skills and capabilities and enable them to prepare for the change, thus ensuring continuity and success all the way.