Human Capital Solutions

Business Planning
At MENTOR, we believe that an organization will only go as far as its people will let it. It is therefore imperative for every organization to look inward and determine its weakest links and internal obstacles that stand in the way of success. These vulnerable parts can then be bolstered, so that a uniformly solid organization exists throughout.

MENTOR offers a range of solutions that assess and develop the human capital of any organization, such as consulting, outsourcing or technology turnkey solutions. We view the human capital needs of organizations in their wider perspective relating to business strategy and mission, and accordingly design our solutions. We use a structured approach to assess needs and recommend appropriate programs and implementation options, tailored to fit in with organizations' strategy, business model, people culture and industry dynamics.

Human Capital Development covers a number of service lines:

Organizations need reliable performance management processes that ensure accurate employee review, deliver improvement in performance, and identify, develop and retain top talent. MENTOR'sservices cover the design of performance management plans, their implementation and the building of internal capacity - all of which help organizations to manage and develop their single most valuable resource - their people. We ensure that performance is correctly assessed and valued in relation to the organization's mission and purpose.

Human Capital Outsourcing

By applying international best practice, MENTOR's experienced team of consultants offer a helping hand in the areas of manpower planning, recruitment and selection, assessment, reward schemes and performance management.

Learning and Development Outsourcing

As a prime learning and development expert, MENTOR offers organizations the service of managing their training functions, with an emphasis here on not only addressing immediate needs, but also on embedding systems and processes that become part of the organization's practice.

MENTOR offers a wide spectrum of services in this area, including:

More advanced services that may also be required include:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Because effective hiring can make all the difference with business success, many organizations prefer to rely on independent recruitment experts to ensure best results. Recruitment outsourcing has become a growing trend, as increasingly more employers recognize it as a reliable resourcing option.

As an important provider of outsourced recruitment services, MENTOR is able to build on-site teams that work within existing HR departments to drive forward improved recruitment programs. We also help to staff up those teams if required.

From creating a resourcing function from scratch to bringing in the expertise to deliver on increased recruitment volumes, we not only achieve the hiring targets, but simultaneously improve the overall resourcing process.

Reward and Pay Review

Job motivation, salaries and benefits continue to play an essential role in ensuring high staff loyalty and performance, and ultimately a more stable and efficient organization. Because most organizations strive to cultivate a positive employer image, appropriate pay and benefit strategies are a vital element in determining market position and attraction of talent.

At the heart of our comprehensive understanding of Human Resource Management is the belief that a fair, unvarying and up-to-date compensation scheme is a basic element in getting the best performance out of the organization's manpower.

MENTOR's consulting team can advise on appropriate compensation standards, carry out research on benchmarking, conduct salary scheme reviews, and design and communicate compensation programs. MENTOR's top aim is to guarantee that all pay programs perfectly sustain the organization's people strategy, address definite market needs, and further business goals.

Compensations Review, Benchmarking and Salary Survey Services are particular areas in whichMENTOR has built expertise. To achieve this, we partner with market research and recruitment agencies to bring together a consulting team that merges Human Resource insight with job market expertise. This helps organizations to make informed decisions, using reliable market information and innovative performance management ideas.

How We Can Help

Organizations seeking to develop a desirable employer image, understand that good pay and benefit strategies are vital to attaining strong market positions and attracting talent. MENTOR's approach enables organizations to target the exact position on the pay scales in relation to the market, whether it is 'prevailing' (aiming at 50%), 'best prevailing' (75%) or' distinction' level (80% - 90%). We offer access to a wealth of knowledge on similar industry practices, with a deep understanding of local conditions that influence the salary market in the relevant geographical area.

We work with organizations to determine their terms of reference for particular jobs and industry sectors, before the commencement of surveys, thus ensuring that the data supplied best matches the client's business needs and internal structure.

Compensation Reviews require consistency with comparable services in the local labor market, to ensure fair and competitive remuneration. Consequently, it is of utmost importance to ensure that data on local market rates is accurate and up-to-date in order to determine appropriate remuneration.

In order to simplify data collection and analysis, the remuneration at the midpoint for each term of reference serves as the single reference and average for ensuring appropriate remuneration. For organizations that don't have a structured remuneration scale or defined minimum and maximum remuneration levels, the organization's average actual remuneration or market reference point for those terms of reference may be used. Quantification of benefits and allowances is consistent with general practices in the salary survey industry.

The single most important component of a reliable remuneration survey is the alignment of the organization's business and people strategy with the terms of reference agreed upon or developed by the client. Without accurate matching, remuneration surveys have limited value. It is therefore important that those tasked with collecting data have a solid understanding of the benchmark terms of reference and the progressions of services that they represent.

Flexibility and consistency are two vital components of good pay scales and job grading structures. Even though data is collected for specific benchmark terms of reference, it is integrated into the current remuneration system to provide for wide remuneration ranges which support flexibility in engagement and movement through service quality evaluation measures.