Mentor Profitable Process Model

Business Planning

A Process is an Activity. A Profitable Process is a Common sense, Timely, Control Activity.

About Mentor Profitable Process Model

A Process is an Activity. A Profitable Process is a Common sense, Timely, Control Activity.

In today's business world many terms are used "because it sounds good", terms such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Black Belt, Yellow belt, Total Quality Management, Kaizen, ISO, Continuous Quality Improvement, and many others.

Companies are spending Billions of Dollars on training titling above terms, and checking the box under training in the employees files to fill the training matrix so it will "look good" for the Quarterly Top Management Meeting- its common business practice used today thinking that is the solution for a profitable business- Majority of those thinkers failed.

Better Faster Cheaper

Mentor created a unique approach to Profitable Business through the formation of Profitable Process Model; refined through years of studies, research, pilot programs execution and the use of a flexible Model that is unique to every business (industry) and every company within that business.

A Simple, different, affordable and effective approach to business perfection to turn the business around from failing status to money making, steady growing, industry leading, employee mentoring and customers satisfying operation.

Mentor Profitable Process Model (MPPM) can turn a business from futile to fertile by keeping the no common sense steps out of the process, eliminating waste

We offer companies comprehensive assessments of their processes and performance compiled in a complete easy-to-read report with a concentration on Growth, Employees Involvement, Customers Satisfaction and Financial Management.

The report includes the following:

-> Your past, present, and future performance
-> Current challenges to your operations
-> Root cause investigation
-> Countermeasure implementations to improve your processes and make it more profitable.

We offer a complimentary audit to companies that are serious about discovering their full potential.

In order for you to see the full impact that your company can be making within your respective industry, we are offering a complimentary audit. The audit will be conducted by our senior consultant and subject matter expert, Mr. Robert Malek.

Robert is an experienced professional with over nineteen years of experience in Management and ten years in Quality. His key areas of specialization are in project management, quality management, quality engineering, auditing and inspection.

Click here to see pictures from one of our recent corporate events, where Robert presented the Mentor Profitable Process Model to key delegates from the manufacturing industry.