Monitoring and Evaluation

Business Planning
MENTOR helps in enhancing project and program outcomes through monitoring and evaluation.
Organizations often look to an external independent party to assess and monitor the projects and programs that they are engaged in, with the aim of measuring efficiency & effectiveness and obtaining new insights and information.

Our Approach
MENTOR's Monitoring and Evaluation services involve a systematic investigation into the outcome or performance standards of organizations' activities and offer a high level of support to organizations seeking as external evaluation. Our expertise enables organizations to measure project effectiveness and decide on the best course of action, and helps ensure that goals are met and performance standards maintained. We focus on building a company-wide monitoring and evaluation system and promoting a results culture.

Our Experience
Our experience in evaluation covers a multitude of projects in areas of Government Strategy, Policies and Programs, Economic and Social Development, Education, Human Resources and Organization Development.

Monitoring and evaluation examines strategies, policies, programs and projects. Activities include: Baseline Assessment; Monitoring Implementation; Monitoring Results; Progress or End of Program Reporting; Mid-term and Final Evaluations; Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys; Impact Assessments; Monitoring and Evaluation Information Systems; Data Quality Analysis.

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