Organizational Development

Business Planning
Getting Maximum Performance out of Individuals, Teams and Organizations
MENTOR's Organization Development practice involves guiding companies and people through a planned and structured change route that helps to achieve strategic goals. Our consulting team works closely with organizations to identify problems and create solutions that reflect goals, values and culture, and are also aligned with global best practice.
We place great emphasis on enabling organizations to sustain and further develop these solutions by enhancing internal capabilities — in other words, their own people. We offer a wide range of integrated services, including change management, organization design, leadership development, assessment and competency models.

Business Planning & Corporate Strategy

MENTOR's Business Planning and Corporate Strategy development helps organizations to identify their niche position in the market and how to carve out that space. We guide companies through the formulation of effective strategies, create the best implementation routes, and provide the tools to build in-house capabilities to put these plans into practice

Change Management

In the fast-paced, diverse and ever-changing business world, the only constant is change. And yet, facing change can be a daunting and often detrimental experience to organizations when not properly prepared. MENTOR's Change Management expertise ensures that companies undergoing transformations have as smooth and predictable a journey as possible. With the help of a migration plan, our consulting team steers organizations through the planning and management of change processes and ensures that real behavioral change in both operations and people is established.

Organization Design

Effective organizations operate through clear communication and reporting lines and are at the same time flexible and dynamic in responding to changes around them. Organization Design ensures that businesses are built around a solid structure that optimizes resources and performance. MENTOR works closely with companies to determine the best framework and implement proper authority matrices and communication lines, in order to advance towards their goals in the most effective manner.

Leadership Development

Leaders have always been and will continue to be the main movers and shakers of any organization or business. Effective leaders have the power to propel themselves, their teams and the entire organization forward in the business world. Leadership Development programs can have a radical impact on organizations, and MENTOR helps organizations develop current and future leaders that can create the optimum work environment and drive the organization towards its business goals. We help you - the leaders — to drive home internally the value of good business strategy and implement changes in the direction and capabilities of the organization.


To ensure that they are constantly on track towards achieving business goals, organizations need continuous appraisal of management, staff and processes. MENTOR designs and manages various technology and human-based assessment programs, using proven and customized assessment methodologies, tailor-made assessment centers, or competency-based assessment.

Competency Models

MENTOR provides organizations with innovative competency-based solutions that address challenges in various Human Capital and Talent Management areas such as: Hiring and Promotion, Learning and Development, Succession Planning, Performance Management, Talent Retention, Team Development and Process Consulting.

Based on international best practice competency frameworks and supported by effective technology solutions, MENTOR helps organizations to translate strategic vision into employee behavior that meets business goals.

We enable organizations to reach a competency definition that fits in with their business model, culture and people dynamics. We also define people behavior for each competency and organize this into various proficiency levels that fit the mastery skills relating to the organization's business.

With extensive experience in this area, MENTOR is able to offer a broad range of services. We provide organizations with competency frameworks, design learning and development programs based on competencies, conduct assessments and assessment centers based on competency frameworks, and design competency-based interview questionnaires and performance review structures.