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Business Planning

Business Planning and Corporate Strategy development enables organizations to find strategic direction in business. This service line is the backbone of MENTOR's consulting services. We help companies take a step back from the daily grind and look at the big picture, to be able to successfully achieve missions and overcome challenges.

We guide organizations in formulating strategies and future plans. Additionally, we go further by charting the right implementation routes and providing tools that internally enable companies - through their own teams - to turn strategy on paper to reality. We also provide a monitoring and evaluation technical system (STARK) to keep the company's leadership and key people on track with the progress of the strategy implementation projects across the organization and any modifications done to plans to suit new situations, plans and market forces.

Business Planning helps organizations define in greater depth their purpose, business model, market niche and competitive advantage. The benefit we offer is not only limited to strategy development, but also to the introduction of analytical and creative thinking approaches. We aim to make the process a truly educational experience and an eye-opener to new possibilities. The scope of our services encompasses the entire life-cycle of strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

Our expertise covers strategy development for corporations, businesses, government/public and non-profit (NGO) sectors.

Corporate Strategy Setting & Implementation

MENTOR has developed a thorough approach to strategy evaluation that takes into account Suitability, Feasibility and Acceptability. We evaluate the strategy's alignment with the organization's mission, capabilities and finances, and the availability of the right resources to implement it. We look at stakeholders' expectations for the organization's performance, and at the likely benefits and risks, while also assessing the probability and consequences of failure. MENTOR thus provides a comprehensive framework of measurement tools that monitor and evaluate progress of strategy implementation.

At MENTOR, we place great emphasis on strategy implementation and management, and help the companies we work with to organize the right resources internally in order to carry out the change process. We also advise organizations on how to build internal skills and capabilities and enable them to prepare for the change, thus ensuring continuity and success all the way.

Feasibility Study

MENTOR provides a full range of feasibility studies across a wide variety of sectors, including government/public and non-profit sectors.

Bespoke to the clients' need and project, MENTOR uses established research methods and analytical tools to provide a detailed overview of the primary issues related to each project. MENTOR's reports consider every aspect and possible outcome of the potential project, assessing the likelihood of success/failure.

In order to fully meet each client's need, MENTOR ensures that all of its feasibility studies are supplemented with the use of international examples and best practices that are applied into the context of the client's location and culture.

Overall, MENTOR's approach examines three major areas related to the client's particular context;

  • Market issues
  • Organizational/technical issues, and
  • Financial issues.

Following a thorough study, MENTOR's analysis also provides an insight into the necessary steps that should be taken in order to achieve the maximum outcome for each project.

Market Study

MENTOR's team of consultants have built a comprehensive understanding of business practices spanning a wide variety of public and private organizations operating in the Middle East and throughout the World. Through years of practice, MENTOR has developed a well-structured and integrated approach that allows for the right sequence of tasks to be implemented along the path of building comprehensive and well-structured market studies. MENTOR provides its clients with a review of the relevant market place to identify and profile potential customers, as well as critical success factors.

Additionally, MENTOR reviews the market place to identify and profile key competitors and demand for the goods/services of the client. MENTOR provides its clients with a comprehensive understanding of the respective market structure, in relation of distribution channels, supply chain, and terms of trade. Moreover, MENTOR conducts extensive research, such as interviews with a sample of retailers and wholesalers, following which results are extrapolated over the population.

Sales Performance Improvement

An organization's sales force is one of the most important facets of its image to the outside world. It represents its people on the ground, the one-to-one interaction point with customers and the main driver of business. At MENTOR, we use proven methodologies and best practices to help ensure that your sales force is the reliable pillar that it needs to be.

The process begins with an educational step, which ensures that sales teams have a deep understanding of the organization's products and services and are able to present them in an optimum way. It makes certain that all sales professionals have a strong grasp of the organization's and competitors' business model and market position. This is followed by integrating steps, formats and tracking tools into internal practices, which standardize and monitor sales performance. The final piece to complete the picture comes with a rigorous training program that hones sales and communication skills within the sales force, and embeds solid sales planning and people motivation abilities within sales management.

Our approach is a tried and tested method that consistently yields tangible results for organizations we work with. Part of the groundwork that we do involves market research, competition analysis, benchmarking and assessment of customers' perceptions, in order to fully understand the organization and present viable and relevant solutions. We also offer organizations the opportunity to integrate powerful technology tools that support the sales process, such as tracking software, social media-based solution centers, smart phone applications, instant messaging systems and others.

Service Excellence

An organization may have high quality products, impressive facilities, or a prominent public standing, but what primarily shapes its public image is the service it delivers. A healthy service culture can make every customer feel valued and appreciated.

Customers expect public and private sector organizations to demonstrate their values and brand promise through their service. Additionally, customers are increasingly more aware and sensitive to not only the quality of the customer experience as a whole, but also to specific details in customer interaction. Organizations show their commitment to customers through the quality of services they offer, and they are spending more time and resources in ensuring that they create and sustain a culture of service excellence across all departments and business units.

Balancing between business requirements and priorities on one side and quality of service and customer expectations on the other is not an easy task. This is where organizations need extra support from expert consulting firms to make sure that service excellence strategies are built on a solid foundation.

At MENTOR, we develop service excellence strategies and define the set of standards to be applied to services, products, processes, locations and people to ensure values and promises are met. We provide a range of solutions enforced by powerful tools and technologies to help organizations meet their service objectives.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Organizations often look for an external independent party to assess and monitor the projects and programs that they are engaged in, with the aim of measuring efficiency & effectiveness and obtaining new insights and information.

MENTOR's monitoring and evaluation services involve a systematic investigation into the outcome or performance standards of organizations' activities and offer a high level of support to organizations seeking an external evaluation. Our expertise enables organizations to measure project effectiveness and decide on the best course of action, and helps ensure that goals are met and performance standards are maintained. We focus on building a company-wide monitoring and evaluation system and promoting a results-oriented culture.

Monitoring and evaluation examines strategies, policies, programs and projects. Activities include:

  • 1- Baseline Assessments
  • 2- Monitoring Implementation
  • 3- Monitoring Results
  • 4- Progress or End of Program Reporting
  • 5- Mid-term and Final Evaluations
  • 6- Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys
  • 7- Impact Assessments
  • 8- Monitoring and Evaluation Information Systems
  • 9- Data Quality Analysis.

Our experience in evaluation covers a multitude of projects in areas of Government Strategy, Policies and Programs, Economic and Social Development, Education, Human Resources and Organization Development.

Specialized Research

MENTOR's capabilities in specialized research cover a wide range of subject matter industries and geographical locations. Some areas in which MENTOR has conducted research include:

  • 1- Markets
  • 2- Costs
  • 3- Opinions and perceptions
  • 4- Literature
  • 5- Technology
  • 6- Best practices
  • 7- Cultures

We carry out our research using various methodologies such as:

  • 1- Surveys
  • 2- Polls
  • 3- White papers
  • 4- Focus groups
  • 5- Interviews
  • 6- Expert channels
  • 7- Round-table discussions

We complement our service with powerful business intelligence and utilization of data mining software to make the process of gathering information more accurate and less time-consuming.

Business Process Reengineering (Mentor Profitable Process Model)

A Process is an activity or a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. A "Profitable" Process is a Common-Sense, Timely, and Controlled Activity.

In today's business world, many terms are used because "it sounds good", terms such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Black Belt, Yellow belt, Total Quality Management, Kaizen, ISO, Continuous Quality Improvement, and many others...

Companies are spending billions of dollars for training employees on the above topics, and checking the box under training in the employees' files to fill the training matrix. For many organizations, the Learning and Development unit's main aim is to present a "looking good" quarterly report for the top Management meeting, filled with impressive course titles. Unfortunately, this common business practice used today has proved to be not profitable for organizations.

MENTOR created a unique approach to Profitable Business through the formation of Profitable Process Model; refined through years of studies, research, pilot programs execution and the use of a flexible Model that is unique to every industry and every company within that sector.

A simple, different, affordable and effective approach to business perfection is to turn the business around from failing status to money making, steady growing, industry leading, employee mentoring and customers satisfying operation.

Mentor Profitable Process Model (MPPM) can turn a business from futile to fertile by keeping the no common sense steps out of the process, eliminating waste.

  • 1-Assessment: We offer companies comprehensive assessments of their processes and performance.
  • 2-Reporting: We compile the assessment findings in a complete easy-to-read report with concentration on Growth, Employees' Involvement, Customers' Satisfaction and Financial Management.

The report includes the following:

  • 1- Your past, present, and future performance
  • 2- Current challenges to your operations
  • 3- Root cause investigation
  • 4- Countermeasure implementations to improve your processes and make it more profitable.

We offer a complimentary audit to companies that are serious about discovering their full potential. In order for you to see the full impact that your company can be making within your respective industry, MENTOR offers a complimentary FREE audit.

Our senior consultant and subject matter expert, Mr. Robert Malak, is an experienced professional with over nineteen years of experience in Management and ten years in Quality. His key areas of specialization are in project management, quality management, quality engineering, auditing and inspection.

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