Market Study

We Understand the Market

MENTOR's team of consultants have built a comprehensive understanding of business practices spanning a wide variety of public and private organizations operating in the Middle East and throughout the World. Through years of practice, MENTOR has developed a well-structured and integrated approach that allows for the right sequence of tasks to be implemented along the path of building comprehensive and well-structured market studies. MENTOR provides its clients with a review of the relevant market place to identify and profile potential customers, as well as critical success factors.

Additionally, MENTOR reviews the market place to identify and profile key competitors and demand for the goods/services of the client. MENTOR provides its clients with a comprehensive understanding of the respective market structure, in relation of distribution channels, supply chain, and terms of trade. Moreover, MENTOR conducts extensive research, such as interviews with a sample of retailers and wholesalers, following which results are extrapolated over the population.

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