Organizational Consulting Services

Organization Development

MENTOR's organization development practice involves guiding companies and people through a planned and structured change route that helps to achieve strategic goals. Our consulting team works closely with organizations to identify problems and create solutions that reflect goals, values and culture, aligned with global best practice.

We place great emphasis on enabling organizations sustain and further develop these solutions by enhancing internal capabilities — in other words, their own people. We offer a wide range of integrated services including:

  • Change management
  • Organization assessment and redesign
  • Mission and vision development
  • Leadership development
  • Assessment and competency models

Organizational Design & Structuring

Effective organizations operate through clear communication and reporting lines and are flexible and dynamic in responding to changes around them. Having a clear organization design ensures that businesses are built around a solid structure that optimizes resources and performance. The result of this is greater innovation and faster responses to market needs, as well as an overall enhancement to the organization's cost structure and efficiency.

MENTOR works closely with companies to determine the best framework and implement proper authority matrices and communication lines, in order to advance towards their goals in the most effective manner. In order to accomplish this, MENTOR firstly assesses the current organization from several perspectives in order to clarify all the different elements that are hindering current performances. Following this, MENTOR suggests targeted changes to the current design that will improve the overall ROI and yield the most results. Lastly, in order to ensure that there is an effective and lasting change, MENTOR works on developing awareness and understanding to all employees by effectively guiding the client through the entire process.

Performance Management

MENTOR works closely with its clients to assist them in building an efficient and effective organization. With a creative and customized approach, MENTOR provides a logical foundation in addressing all relevant factors and issues pertaining to the organization's performance management. MENTOR develops an understanding of each client's business environment and organizational functioning through a series of strategic formulation sessions.

MENTOR documents and analyses the current organizational structure and inter-relationships between all business units. Following this, MENTOR provides an overall direction to the performance management needs as well as an overall framework of policies and procedures pertaining to the relevant business functions. Based on the conceptualization made in the preceding stage, MENTOR develops detailed policies and procedures.

During the course of the engagement with the client, MENTOR incorporates the potential of further future developments in the organization. Therefore, our flexible solution shall address your current needs and serve as a platform for future development and growth.

Process Mapping and Reengineering

In a business environment that is constantly changing, it is easy for managers and business professionals to determine the best way to have consistent and efficient processes. MENTOR has an extensive amount of experience in analyzing and redesigning workflows and procedures in order to ensure that its client's organization is fully optimized. Process mapping effectively improves an organization's performance and competitive advantage. MENTOR encourages all operational organizations to undergo process mapping and reengineering in order remain agile and effective.

Developing Standard Operating Procedures

All operational organizations have a number of processes and procedures; however not all organizations have standard operating procedures (SOPs). MENTOR assists organizations across all sectors and industries in documenting and standardizing all processes and procedures.

MENTOR formally documents all procedures and helps to clearly communicate SOPs to the client's staff. Documenting procedures manuals and standardizing operating procedures provides a clear guide of how operations run within an organization for the stakeholders, including employees, clients, management, and owners, etc. This initiative gears the organization towards increasing accountability and transparency, and is fundamental to quality assurance and quality improvement programs. MENTOR has experience in developing SOPs for organizations that are already functional, as well as those that are still in the process of being formed.

Quality Management Systems

MENTOR values quality as a significant pillar that distinguishes markets' leading organizations and sharpens their competitive edge. At MENTOR, a team of quality assurance specialists is dedicated to run an environmental scan for the current practices of your organization, assess the grounds for building a solid quality assurance framework and support your company in setting up a quality management system that matches world class standards.

Whether your procedures are well documented, set in place and synchronized or not yet, and whether things are run according to repetitive practice without any manuals and guidelines to refer to, or not, our team can pick up your operations right where they are and work closely with your team to set out the documentation, manuals, guidelines and analysis tools needed. This is done to monitor your organizational quality objectives, evaluate your performance, highlight areas for possible enhancement and lead a continuous improvement cycle.

MENTOR can assist your company in achieving its quality management system goals, after which your organization can be audited by an external party to become ISO 9001:2008 certified. However, certification is not a requirement: the organization can implement and benefit from an ISO 9001:2008 system without having it certified.

MENTOR's clients in various industries ranging from real estate development consultancies, telecommunications, retail, trade of commodities, engineering, etc. were able to successfully meet the quality assurance benchmarks and get the ISO 9001:2008 certification a few months after rolling out their quality management system projects by the support of MENTOR team.

The ISO 9001:2008 standards are generic standards and can be applied to any organization, large or small, whatever its product or service, in any sector of activity and can be implemented in a business enterprise, public administration or government department.

Some benefits and importance of ISO 9001:2008 are:

  • Increase your organization's performance and productivity
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Enjoy global recognitions
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Achieve a competitive advantage
  • Align quality with organizational objectives

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