Organizational Design & Structuring

Effective organizations operate through clear communication and reporting lines and are flexible and dynamic in responding to changes around them. Having a clear organization design ensures that businesses are built around a solid structure that optimizes resources and performance. The result of this is greater innovation and faster responses to market needs, as well as an overall enhancement to the organization's cost structure and efficiency.

Our Approach

MENTOR works closely with companies to determine the best framework and implement proper authority matrices and communication lines, in order to advance towards their goals in the most effective manner. In order to accomplish this, MENTOR firstly assesses the current organization from several perspectives in order to clarify all the different elements that are hindering current performances. Following this, MENTOR suggests targeted changes to the current design that will improve the overall ROI and yield the most results. Lastly, in order to ensure that there is an effective and lasting change, MENTOR works on developing awareness and understanding to all employees by effectively guiding the client through the entire process.

We offer a wide range of integrated services including:

  • Developing the organizational chart
  • Developing detailed processes 
  • Developing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) 
  • Developing job structures and job descriptions 
  • Developing salary scales and pay policy 
  • Developing performance management process 
  • Placing an IT plan 

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