Center for leadership and Management development

Leading the positive organization

Program Overview

This program provides an in-depth experience for developing your success as a leader—not only in your current position but in the journey beyond. Through a variety of approaches, the program draws out and builds on your leadership capabilities. It weaves sessions on leadership best practices into interactive discussions, team-based projects and nontraditional cases. Each element of this multidisciplinary approach provides a holographic view of your leadership and calls for an open-minded approach to personal exploration.

Time is devoted each day to individual reflection and planning, where you examine and integrate the insights you’ve gained into your own leadership style and behavior. These insights, in turn, help you prepare yourself for future leadership challenges.

Leading and managing change

Program Overview

This program will challenge your own methods of thinking about and executing change. You will examine the emotional and interpersonal dimensions involved in the process of change and learn to use nontraditional thinking.

The emphasis of this program is on experiencing change, not just talking about it. Faculty will encourage you to consider how you think about change and to recognize the tactics and frameworks you use for approaching different types of changes. A mix of behavioral simulations, group work, lectures, and case examples will allow you to experience a variety of perspectives on creating change at the organizational level. Enrollment is limited to allow for an environment conducive to interaction.

Leading creativity and innovation

Program Overview

In business, time never stands still. While the economic, social, and political environment whirls about, and corporate players merge and ally, change is nearly the only global business practice on which today's executive can rely. And, with change comes uncertainty, and sometimes chaos.

This program is one of the only programs in the world that teaches managers and executives to embrace chaos and use change to affect positive organizational results. During this program managers and executives will learn to better create and innovate— and to convert creative ideas into successful business solutions. 

Management of managers

Program Overview

Effective leaders need multiple skills to allow for flexibility in successfully managing and leading in diverse situations.

The Management of Managers program provides an integrated leadership framework that will enable the participant to identify and formulate value-creating opportunities.

Participants will develop an understanding of the interplay between leadership competencies and their organizational culture and strategy. You will understand the challenges of leadership at three levels:

  •    Individual leadership effectiveness
  •    Organization culture
  •    Organization outcomes

Advanced management skills

Program Overview

This unique program capitalizes on human potential, which is the common thread that weaves together the seminar content: developing a leadership mindset, coaching and counseling for peak performance, fostering the power of working together, promoting emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships, managing change, motivating performance enhancement, and creating the future through imagination.

This powerful program is designed to meet the needs of the modern manager and aspiring leader, now and into the future.

Essentials of management

Program Overview

This program introduces you to the fundamentals every successful manager needs. The challenging blend of interactive lectures, case studies, simulations, group discussions, and faculty dialogue immerses you in the core concepts of business.

You will gain insights on building and sustaining competitive advantage; managing across boundaries; leadership and decision making; creating shareholder value; implementing strategy; and managing people. The application exercises will stretch your managerial and strategic perspectives, sharpen your business instincts, and expand your ability to tackle new management challenges.

Developing and sustaining high performance teams

Program Overview

Teams have a vast capacity to drive an organization beyond its boundaries. When managed well, teams stimulate creativity and innovation, make an organization more adaptive to market forces, and tap into a firm’s intellectual resources to drive breakthrough results.

This program approaches team building at the strategic level. Participants evaluate not only the structure and management of high-performance teams, but also whether it is appropriate to use teams or individuals to most effectively accomplish a given goal. Participants also explore team dynamics from the perspectives of both team leaders and team members in order to build a deeper understanding of the implications of management decisions. 

Becoming an exceptional coach

Program Overview

This program will help you to be a more valuable and trusted resource to the executives you coach. The program offers research-based insights on organizational dynamics and personal change, draws and explores the best practices in executive coaching. This interactive workshop gives you practical tools and frameworks to help executives transform their leadership and their organizations.

The program’s action-oriented approach gives you insights into coaching from the perspectives of both coach and the individual being coached. You will examine current coaching outcome research, frameworks for coaching, and the challenges faced by both internal and external coaches. You will work to strengthen your coaching effectiveness, build a personal coaching model, tailor an ongoing plan of action, and create a support system to ensure continuous improvement.

Talent and retention management

Program Overview

Almost all organizations are experiencing a turnover of key employees, those who have shown great potential and added significant value to the operations. Managing talent within the organizations has never been more important and often it is left to the line managers to fight to retain individual members of staff when a support system does not exist for such an activity within an organization.

This program offers a structured solution to every manager to lead their organizational capability in developing talent management and retention systems that employees will fully value as par of their career paths, maintaining commitment to the organization that expresses clear direction for highly valued personnel.

The successful negotiator

Program Overview

This program will help you prepare and conduct real-world negotiations, from personal to professional, small to large, daily to extraordinary. Drawing on the latest research and best practices across a breadth of industries, this program goes far beyond simplistic formulas like “win-win” and “win-lose.” Instead, it provides practical and transformative techniques within a range of negotiation scenarios, including mergers and acquisitions, startups, turnarounds, inside-the-organization situations, and major sales or purchases.

We use a combination of group work and individually tailored sessions in which you receive personal feedback on your unique strengths and weaknesses. You will practice new negotiating skills with different partners in a wide variety of situations. Finally, using models that are constantly updated, you will work on your individual real-world problems, so you can return to your company with solutions you can use immediately.

Finance and accounting for non finance managers

Program Overview

This program provides a rock-solid foundation in the core language and principles of financial analysis and decision making. The program covers the essential concepts of how financial data is generated, reported, and used—including terminology and principles, financial statements, distinctions between income and cash flow, and valuation.

Our faculty will show you how to become a more discerning reader of financial information and gain a practical understanding of how financial data is used to make business decisions or evaluate a firm’s past, present, and future performance. Through case illustrations and hands-on projects, you apply the principles to challenges such as make-or-buy decisions, determining the break-even point for sales, and valuation of companies for mergers and acquisitions.

Managing investor relations

Program Overview

This program represents an outstanding opportunity for qualified individuals to add an important new dimension to their education; a program that will provide them with the necessary tools to make an even greater contribution to their company.

This program is based on the dynamic interaction of both theoretical and empirical analysis provided by expert faculty members who contribute their expertise and share their perspectives of the corporate/financial world.

This program is designed to stretch each participant’s ability to deal with critical business problems both rigorously and realistically. As a participant, you will come away enriched by a body of knowledge that will help you to effectively position yourself as a value-creating senior manager in your company.

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