Team Building Programs

MENTOR has been recognized throughout many years in dealing with group dynamics and different organization environments. What really makes any organization a winning organization is not the amount of resources allocated to it; however, it is the team spirit and members' belief in their vision that makes the difference. When acting as a real team not just people working together, teams can have a vast capacity to drive an organization beyond its boundaries.

Our Approach

MENTOR has invested much of its resources to build a wide range of team building activities which aims at making team members practice real uniting activities in a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. MENTOR's corporate team building program includes several activities that encourages participants to think creatively, identify innovative solutions and work together within rapidly changing situations in a team environment.

MENTOR's Program for Team Building will help your staff enhance their skills in the following:

  • Interpersonal thinking and acting strategies for building high-performing teams and eliminating obstacles to effective teamwork
  • Focusing on the importance of planning, cooperation and decision making
  • Tools to define and communicate manager and team member roles
  • Real situations exercises to manage the complexities of group dynamics, including decision making, power, and conflict
  • Team development activities to improve team productivity
  • Learn practical skills for leading, facilitating, and participating in effective teams

MENTOR has no limit in its creativity in designing different team building activities and linking it to different organizational behaviors. MENTOR can assemble a wide range of training activities based on the organization's objective, age groups, seniority, status, and budget allocated.

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