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Leadership Development

Leaders have always been and will continue to be the main movers and shakers of any organization or business. Effective leaders have the power to propel themselves, their teams and the entire organization forward in the business world. Leadership Development programs can have a radical impact on organizations, and MENTOR helps organizations develop current and future leaders in order to create an optimum work environment and drive the organization towards achieving its business goals.

Our Approach

Our approach to leadership development ensures that our clients are fully trained in techniques that are easy to implement and can be executed immediately into their organization. Starting with the initial phase of training that is tailored to fit the current situations and challenges faced by each client; MENTOR guides clients through the entire process of implementation and provides follow up modules when necessary.

MENTOR understands that leadership development is an effective retention tool and therefore helps organizations identify talent early on and supports clients in creating results that last. We help you - the leaders — to drive home internally the value of good business strategy and implement changes in the direction and capabilities of the organization.

Talent Strategy, Analytics, & Development

Organizations are continually undergoing numerous changes due to many different factors such as globalization and technology. As a result, the ways in which people work together and collaborate is changing. It is essential that talent strategies take this into account and organizations employ schemes for development at all stages of each employee's lifecycle. MENTOR has the capacity to collect and assess large amounts of talent data and provide human capital insights accordingly.

Our Approach

MENTOR works closely with its clients to then develop talent management strategies that consider both the organizations own agenda, as well as the external environment whereby organizations must compete against other factors. Beyond providing analytics, MENTOR provides its clients with a concise and actionable plan that can be easily implemented in order to leverage the organizations talent.

Talent Management (Competency Modelling)

Talent management is critical to any operating organization and should be a priority for any business that wants to succeed in its respective field. With extensive experience in this area, MENTOR is able to offer a broad range of services. We provide organizations with competency frameworks, design learning and development programs based on competencies, conduct assessments and assessment centers based on competency frameworks, and design competency-based interview questionnaires and performance review structures.

Competency Models

MENTOR provides organizations with innovative competency-based solutions that address challenges in various Human Capital and Talent Management areas such as: Hiring and Promotion, Learning and Development, Succession Planning, Performance Management, Talent Retention, Team Development and Process Consulting.

Based on international best practice competency frameworks and supported by effective technology solutions, MENTOR helps organizations translate strategic vision into employee behavior that meets business goals.

MENTOR enables organizations to reach a competency definition that fits in with their business model, culture and people dynamics. We also define people behavior for each competency and organize this into various proficiency levels that fit the mastery skills relating to the organization's business.

Workforce Assessment

To ensure that they are constantly on track towards achieving business goals, organizations need continuous appraisal of management, staff and processes. MENTOR strives to assist clients reduce their staff turnover, and consequently improve staff retention. Similarly, MENTOR aims to help its clients reduce the amount of time that is spent on hiring new employees, by streamlining every aspect of the hiring process.

Our Approach

MENTOR helps its clients develop their workforce, by helping them to understand the different personalities and skills of its workforce. MENTOR designs and manages various technology and human-based assessment programs, using proven and customized assessment methodologies, tailor-made assessment centers, or competency-based assessment. All of MENTOR's solutions are customized in order to fit the client's background and need.

People Development and Learning Solutions (Training Workshops)

As a leader in training design and development, MENTOR has consistently delivered programs with an effective learning approach and content, high interactivity and user friendly design. Our programs can be developed in English, Arabic, French, and 8 other languages.

Our People Development practice combines the benefit of a strategic and comprehensive approach, with a practical learning delivery process using the latest technology. It also integrates a thorough monitoring and evaluation process that enables the measurement of Return on Investment and effort put into training.

Insightful Approach

Our approach to People Development is all about helping both the organization and the individual succeed. At its root, it is not only the fundamental belief in people's potential to be creative achievers, but the understanding that achievements come about only when individual development needs are in line with the organization's strategic direction. MENTOR helps organizations align goals and objectives with their people's drive to learn and develop. We support your organization's strategic goals and inspire commitment to learning through the careful alignment of people's ambitions for growth with the organization's pursuit for results.

Our approach is based on a multi-dimensional understanding of the dynamics that govern people's behavior in an organization. An in-depth comprehension of the organization's culture, people's readiness, leadership capabilities, market influences and industry trends, enables MENTOR team to guide clients on the best methodologies and initiatives that develop people and improve organizational performance.

We take a unique approach to the design of learning and development programs, by combining various elements that align with strategic goals, culture and current people capabilities, and make them the right fit for clients. MENTOR offers a variety of learning experiences, including pre- and post- course work, electronic surveys, social media integration, work-based assignments, company-wide competitions, action plans, one-to-one coaching, follow-up activities and reflective reviews.

Programs that enlighten

We guarantee that learners go through an enriching experience that influences the way they think and behave both personally and at the workplace. We do this through a successful experiential learning approach, practical and customized case studies, thought-provoking learning technologies and implementation tools, combined with up-to-date learning content based on research and global best practice.

Our training programs have the right combination of learning content and skill-building activities that appropriately address business needs and respond to specific learning requirements. Available in various forms and sizes, they can be a mix of any of classroom workshops, outdoor experiences, study tours, distant learning, e-learning, coaching and mentoring, games and competitive contests.

Measuring the Benefit of Training

Our training evaluation process ensures that the results of training are measured, assessed and quantified, and can be clearly demonstrated to stakeholders of the organization as proof of the power of training. The evaluation starts at the very beginning of the entire training process, with strategic and tactical indicators put in place to measure success of the program. This is followed by tracking tools to measure various elements during and after program implementation.

MENTOR places great emphasis on the need to measure Return on Investment and effort for every training assignment we undertake. Detailed reports are presented on completion, offering recommendations and amendments for the future so that the organization may benefit from the knowledge and experience gained.

Interim Management

MENTOR provides short-term solutions for senior positions

The talent market dynamics often force organizations to seek temporary talent for urgent high-level positions, until long-term solutions are available. Hiring interim executives with proven track records and well-rounded experience is an ideal fast way to bring in a lot of expertise and ready solutions and address immediate requirements for high-level recruitment.

Our Approach

Over many years of business operations, MENTOR has built a vast network of executives, senior experts and talented professionals ready to work on temporary assignments in any location. Through MENTOR, organizations can connect with experts in a wide range of industries, sectors and business areas, such as: Business Transformation, Human Resources, Strategy Development, Executive Positions, Finance, IT, Sales and Marketing, and Project / Program Management.

MENTOR's Knowledge Transfer Plan

A key element of our successful approach to Interim Management is our Knowledge Transfer Plan, which takes into consideration the importance of continuity and enables permanent employees to learn while shadowing interim management.

Corporate Team Building

MENTOR has been recognized throughout many years in dealing with group dynamics and different organization environments. What really makes any organization a winning organization is not the amount of resources allocated to it; however, it is the team spirit and members' belief in their vision that makes the difference. When acting as a real team not just people working together, teams can have a vast capacity to drive an organization beyond its boundaries.

Our Approach

MENTOR has invested much of its resources to build a wide range of team building activities which aims at making team members practice real uniting activities in a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. MENTOR's corporate team building program includes several activities that encourages participants to think creatively, identify innovative solutions and work together within rapidly changing situations in a team environment.

MENTOR's Program for Team Building will help your staff enhance their skills in the following:

  • Interpersonal thinking and acting strategies for building high-performing teams and eliminating obstacles to effective teamwork
  • Focusing on the importance of planning, cooperation and decision making
  • Tools to define and communicate manager and team member roles
  • Real situations exercises to manage the complexities of group dynamics, including decision making, power, and conflict
  • Team development activities to improve team productivity
  • Learn practical skills for leading, facilitating, and participating in effective teams

MENTOR has no limit in its creativity in designing different team building activities and linking it to different organizational behaviors. MENTOR can assemble a wide range of training activities based on the organization's objective, age groups, seniority, status, and budget allocated.

Instructional Design

One reason behind our great confidence in our ability to deliver a top quality product to the client organization is simply because developing training material from scratch is something we do every time we deliver a training session. MENTOR does not use off-the-shelf training material or ready made training packages in its training programs. With every project that MENTOR handles, our team redesigns the material in order to fit the client's needs.

We have drafted, edited, and developed more than 40 different course modules in French, English and Arabic. The language that we use is very simple and straight forward, so it can cater to people who speak English as a second language and who form more than 80% of our trainees.

Clients have used MENTOR's service to prepare Training Workbooks Induction Booklets, Instruction Manuals, and Illustrated Presentations. MENTOR uses a simple and easy to read format, with ideas presented in a way that helps the reader grasp the concept and then place an activity that will help to understand how the concept is applied in workplace.

E-learning Solutions

MENTOR's training programs development experience spans a broad range of industries and subject areas, from custom-developed Leadership & Management Skills learning to highly specialized technical learning. Since its foundation, MENTOR has developed tens of self — study content, web-based learning content; instructor-led learning content; and virtual classroom/virtual presentation content.


MENTOR carries out an assessment of the findings and provides recommendations on the training approaches and customization of activities, self-reflections, etc.

Training Delivery - Ensuring Interactive Workshop Sessions

MENTOR perceives workshops as an extremely flexible and effective method for training, learning, development, change management, and virtually any organizational improvement. When delivering our workshops, we aim at implementing the following aspects. This principle remains consistent and also applies when our training material is converted into e-learning modules.

During the material design phase, MENTOR keeps in mind the following ruling principals:

  • Using of the latest international best practices in Business and Management
  • Utilizing the best references and recent research literature
  • Customizing the management concepts and practice into the clients business sector, context, and nature of work
  • Stating Simple, Short, Direct to the point concepts
  • Linking each concept to the workplace practice through applications, exercises and reflection activities

Upon the completion of the online course, along with its activities and related assignments, MENTOR can arrange to issue candidates electronic certificates of completion of courses in all relevant technical and soft skills.

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