Interim Management

MENTOR provides short-term solutions for senior positions

The talent market dynamics often force organizations to seek temporary talent for urgent high-level positions, until long-term solutions are available. Hiring interim executives with proven track records and well-rounded experience is an ideal fast way to bring in a lot of expertise and ready solutions and address immediate requirements for high-level recruitment.

Our Approach

Over many years of business operations, MENTOR has built a vast network of executives, senior experts and talented professionals ready to work on temporary assignments in any location. Through MENTOR, organizations can connect with experts in a wide range of industries, sectors and business areas, such as: Business Transformation, Human Resources, Strategy Development, Executive Positions, Finance, IT, Sales and Marketing, and Project / Program Management.

MENTOR's Knowledge Transfer Plan

A key element of our successful approach to Interim Management is our Knowledge Transfer Plan, which takes into consideration the importance of continuity and enables permanent employees to learn while shadowing interim management.

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