Competency Modelling

Talent management is critical to any operating organization and should be a priority for any business that wants to succeed in its respective field. With extensive experience in this area, MENTOR is able to offer a broad range of services. We provide organizations with competency frameworks, design learning and development programs based on competencies, conduct assessments and assessment centers based on competency frameworks, and design competency-based interview questionnaires and performance review structures.

MENTOR provides organizations with innovative competency-based solutions that address challenges in various Human Capital and Talent Management areas such as: Hiring and Promotion, Learning and Development, Succession Planning, Performance Management, Talent Retention, Team Development and Process Consulting.

Based on international best practice competency frameworks and supported by effective technology solutions, MENTOR helps organizations translate strategic vision into employee behavior that meets business goals.

MENTOR enables organizations to reach a competency definition that fits in with their business model, culture and people dynamics. We also define people behavior for each competency and organize this into various proficiency levels that fit the mastery skills relating to the organization's business.

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