Talent Strategy, Analytics, & Development

Organizations are continually undergoing numerous changes due to many different factors such as globalization and technology. As a result, the ways in which people work together and collaborate is changing. It is essential that talent strategies take this into account and organizations employ schemes for development at all stages of each employee's lifecycle. MENTOR has the capacity to collect and assess large amounts of talent data and provide human capital insights accordingly.

Our Approach

MENTOR works closely with its clients to then develop talent management strategies that consider both the organizations own agenda, as well as the external environment whereby organizations must compete against other factors. Beyond providing analytics, MENTOR provides its clients with a concise and actionable plan that can be easily implemented in order to leverage the organizations talent.

We offer a wide range of integrated services including:

  • Man power plan and employment roll-out schedule 
  • Recruitment and placement
  • Employee orientation and induction programs' setup and implementation
  • HR policies and procedures 
  • HR templates and forms
  • Selection of HRMIS 
  • Set up the HR Function 
  • Designing a TIP (Targeted Incentive Program)

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