Customized Program Development

One reason behind our great confidence in our ability to deliver a top quality product to the client organization is simply because developing training material from scratch is something we do every time we deliver a training session. MENTOR does not use off-the-shelf training material or ready made training packages in its training programs. With every project that MENTOR handles, our team redesigns the material in order to fit the client"™s needs.

We have drafted, edited, and developed more than 40 different course modules in French, English and Arabic. The language that we use is very simple and straight forward, so it can cater to people who speak English as a second language and who form more than 80% of our trainees.

Clients have used MENTOR's service to prepare Training Workbooks Induction Booklets, Instruction Manuals, and Illustrated Presentations. MENTOR uses a simple and easy to read format, with ideas presented in a way that helps the reader grasp the concept and then place an activity that will help to understand how the concept is applied in workplace.

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