E-learning has been on the rise during the last decade as it offers faster delivery cycle times at lower costs yet is more effective for individuals.

MENTOR provides E-learning solutions helping organizations across the world to improve their staff learning experience with the latest technology features, animations, and graphics in a way that ensures an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

MENTOR's training programs' development experience spans a broad range of industries and subject areas, from custom-developed Leadership & Management Skills learning to highly specialized technical learning. Since its foundation, MENTOR has developed tons of self — study content, web-based learning content, instructor-led learning content, and virtual classroom/virtual presentation content.

Benefits of E-learning:

  • Enhances participants' learning experience and increases their knowledge retention rate
  • Flexibility of the online tools allow learners to attend at their convenience
  • Users can access the E-learning module on any device (PC, tablet, or mobile)
  • Delegates learn in more detail than in traditional classrooms

Our Services:

  • Custom Content Development.
  • Instructional Design.
  • Graphic Production — including videos and custom animations.
  • Story Boarding.
  • Learning, Registration, Tracking and Reporting System (LRTR).
  • Assessment and Dynamic Certifications. 

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