Process & Procedures Standardization

The QMS ISO 9001 implementation application


The HUB platform, when implemented, aids the organization to follow ISO-standardized sets of policies and procedures smoothly.

The Problem

To cope with today's challenges, companies need to be agile, adaptive and tech-savvy. This is extremely difficult with the traditional organizational structure. Instead, becoming an ISO-certified organization adds a certain level of credibility and expertise to the company's image. The platform helps in executing these procedures while integrating with the company's existing set of policies and procedures.

The Solution

The platform technology based tracking tool is designed in a way that captures any weaknesses in performance and puts it right at your screen. It saves managers' valuable time, and continuous operational costs, and equips you and your employees, with a simple, clear, easy to use, tool. This software allows you to monitor and evaluate the progress of your business and performance on an individual, group and organizational level.

Evaluations would be reflected in dollar values for managerial reporting purposes. It also evaluates the day — to — day interactions and experiences and allows senior level executives to forecast the impact in the long run on the stakeholder relations, revenue generation and profit making of the organization.

The platform helps in keeping the organization:

  • Aware of their clients complaints and able to take corrective action
  • Aware of their business development efforts (proposals, confirmed projects, etc.)
  • Aware of what their clients think of the organization (Project Feedback, and Service Evaluations)
  • Aware of approved/disapproved suppliers
  • Aware of their employees personal and career development plans
  • Aware of the set HR policies and procedures

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