Performance & Job Management


Successful organizations depend on evaluating and tracking their employees development, involvement, as well as their progress and career development.

The Problem

Due to the growing need in the job market for specializations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to evaluate and accurately describe job roles. These essential tasks must follow a well-defined and standardized method for measuring job performance and importance to the organization.

The Solution

Mentor has developed an easy-to-use Performance & Jobs Management platform that facilitate the attainment and generation of accurate job descriptions as well as effective job evaluations. Human Capital units can use the platform to efficiently construct clear career paths as well as solid job grades through following simple step-by-step wizards (i.e. procedures). These wizards are constructed based on high-standard frameworks that evidently proved to be effective in constructing job descriptions.

Additionally, the platform provides automated calculations of a series of scores that allow Human Capital to evaluate the importance of specific job roles. These calculations include:

  • Technical Ability Scores
  • Problem Solving Scores
  • Accountability Scores
  • Physical Ability Scores

The platform also supports an automated pay-scale structure based on system generated job grades.

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