Strategy Tracking Solution



Most organizations set or update their strategies depending on market trends or vision. Most commonly, organizational strategies could vary from increasing revenue, expanding to new markets, raising performance, and much more. Organizations start planning for their strategies and set the tasks and objectives to achieve them.

The Problem

Finalizing the planning phase, organizations move on to Strategy Execution phase. This phase is commonly the problematic step where most companies face difficulty in overcoming, even when the steps towards their strategies are clearly set and well defined. A clearly defined and accessible business strategy is crucial to any organization"™s ability to optimally align resources. Executing this is, however, easier said than done.

The Solution

Mentor has developed an automated Strategy Execution and Business Monitoring platform, STARK.

STARK allows the organization to automate the process all together by:

  • Designing a clear plan ahead (i.e. Setting Corporate Programs & Priorities)
  • Engaging people (i.e. Setting up clear Job Roles & Responsibilities)
  • Aligning the organization (i.e. Allocating the right resources to the right projects)
  • Achieving targets (i.e. Managing & Completing Projects effectively)

This solution was designed with one purpose: To Make Your Strategy Happen.

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