Competency Management System


Evaluate and develop employee abilities in line with your competency model

Our competency management system enables easy online management
and assessment of your entire workforces abilities.

Uncover employee capabilities

Uncover employee capabilities

Adopt a systematic approach to managing your people's skills

Automating competency management can go a long way in streamlining the HR function and achieving a deep understanding of an organization's abilities. Our competency management system makes it possible to shift competency frameworks online and implement them in HR processes such as recruitment, training, and performance appraisal.

It makes it easy to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for every individual and for the organization as a whole. Built with deep HR management insight, this intuitive solution can work independently or seamlessly integrate with our other talent development solutions.

assess workforce abilities

Integrate a competency approach into all your HR processes
assess workforce abilities

Manage competencies

By integrating the org structure and competency framework online, it's easy to manage and update job families, categories, titles, and grades, and map each role to the relevant competencies, proficiency levels and indicators.


Assess Employees

Enable your employees to perform easy online self-evaluations, while HR teams view individual and summative reports online. The competency assessment tool aligns employee assessment with the organization structure and competency framework.


Map career paths

Assess employees current progress along career path and show recommended courses to improve competencies in the current role. Show possible future roles and their competency and experience requirements.


Browse through the main functionalities built into our solution

Organization structure

Integrate the org structure with HR processes, and manage job titles, grades and roles.

Competency Framework

Dynamic framework set-up, with unlimited competency types and proficiency levels defined for every job role and category.

Competency Assessment

Create online assessments to evaluate employee performance based on job role and required competencies. Get activity updates and automate reminders for staff to complete assessment.

Content Control

Decide on length, frequency, questions, and question weightage for each assessment. Create a standard question pool from which to select relevant ones for different assessments.

Individual / Summative Data

Get a complete view of competency standards at a department and organization level. Generate reports on individual performance, and compare to required levels for the role and to average performance. Automate training recommendations to address gaps.

Career Management

Set company-wide career paths based on grades and roles. Evaluate employees current career positions. Map possible career paths for every employee and identify the required competencies and training for new roles

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Designed for easier management and superior user experience


Customized dashboards and access for employees, managers and administrators


Personalized with your brand logo and colors


Cloud or on-premise hosting. Integrates with third party systems


Adapts to various desktop/ mobile devices and Internet browsers


From 1- 50,000 users, with no loss in performance and at no extra cost


Compatible with 4 languages: English, Arabic, French and Spanish

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