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How workforce analytics technology can measure employee engagement and productivity?

The New Virtual Workspace Challenge

The New Virtual Workspace Challenge

The recent health crisis has led a vast number of companies to move their workplace to a virtual environment, and although this move has introduced some convenience to employees and better use of resources; however, it brought with it some challenges mainly around innovation, collaboration, productivity and people development.

Within the productivity and people development focus, management lost a lot of its visibility in relation to its employees' productivity and their ability to understand what practices and tools are helping to improve productivity and the ones which are not.

Also, managers are struggling to understand what is holding back their employees from being at the top of their performance and accordingly what type of skills development is needed to enhance their capabilities and increase their productivity.

We offer productivity intelligence technology and consulting services to provide a multi-dimensional understanding of employee strengths, competency type and proficiency level.

MentorPerforma™️ Powered with data intelligence Software

Understand how employees allocate their time through data driven insights with Prodoscore data intelligence software
MentorPerforma™️ Powered with data intelligence Software

In order to best assist our clients with maximizing remote workplace productivity, we have partnered with a cloud-based productivity intelligence software, Prodoscore.

Prodoscore incorporates machine learning, AI, and Natural language processing to collect data from core business applications and gives visibility to employee productivity by producing a score that captures daily engagement.

Data empowers both managers and employees to clearly identify behaviors that lead to success and those that may fall short. With visibility into daily engagement, you can identify trends and create an environment of transparency.

The partnership service called, MentorPerforma™, provides detailed, actionable insight and coaching into daily productivity that will keep your teams engaged and productive.

It’s a win-win for the entire organization.

Workforce Productivity Intelligence in Action

Resolve Performance Issues Faster

Support Flexibility

Many U.S. workers now consider work/life balance and flexibility to be the most important factors in considering job offers. In fact, 81 percent of employees said they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible work options, according to a 2020 survey by FlexJobs.

Replicate Top Performers

It’s easy to recognize top performers when you see them in action or review their numbers. The challenge is in understanding what makes these people successful and in ensuring future candidates share these success factors.

Increase Tool Adoption

Employees need access to the right software tools to be as productive and efficient from home as in the office. Experts say it's also crucial to deploy easily accessible training tools so employees can quickly get up to speed on unfamiliar technologies.

Effortless onboarding

Create a seamless remote onboarding process. Help new employees thrive by ensuring they feel welcome and have all the tech and info they need before their start date.

Distinguished Mentoring

As a manager, your employees look to you for support, guidance, and updates.54% of companies with a strong coaching culture are classified as high-performing organizations, compared with only 29% of those without.

Boost Performance

According to Deloitte’s 2020 Human Capital trends, fostering a work culture with an emphasis on employee wellbeing not only yields increased productivity but higher levels of performance.

MentorPerforma™️ & Prodoscore

The Winning Combination
  • Prodoscore’s proprietary scoring system collects data points from daily usage of business applications and provides actionable insights. By giving visibility to employee productivity, Prodoscore allows you to minimize assumptions and make decisions backed by data.

  • Prodoscore delivers the data analyzed to produce a single score “Master KPI”

  • Prodoscore conveys which employees are overworking/underworking compared to their peers through charts and percentages.

  • Through the scoring system, Prodoscore reports the active time spent on a task rather than solely focusing on the outcome, so that there is more transparency on employee progress.

  • Our advisory services help you interpret productivity scores and produce actionable recommendations on how to improve the allocation of tasks and time.

  • Our consultants assist in the launch of productivity initiatives. We offer an in-depth analysis of the underlying factors that bolster productivity as well as the areas of improvement within the organization.

  • Our productivity enhancement solutions are formed through the assessment of workflows, customer interactions, tools used, and team collaboration within the organization.

  • We work with HR to provide extensive feedback and assist the interpretations of the productivity scores as well as self-assessment and manager feedback for more insights.


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