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Empowering Change

Empowering Change

Digital solutions to improve performance, learning & change implementation.

Introducing measures designed to improve strategies, operations and skills is a necessity for any organization looking to achieve greater success, but it can also be a slippery slope to climb. Even with careful thought and meticulous planning, implementing change on the ground in an effective manner presents a considerable set of challenges and complexities.

For this reason, MENTOR not only recommends pragmatic solutions to achieve your objectives, but provides useful tools to help you carry out these plans in a smooth and sustainable manner. Our digital solutions are grounded in a deep understanding of organizations and their challenges, are based on the latest technologies and standards, and are designed to improve performance, learning and change management. 

Talent & Learning Management

A comprehensive learning management system that streamlines learning and development by centralizing all activities and users on a single platform.
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Online Mentoring & Coaching

An online mentoring and coaching application that facilitates communication and knowledge transfer, tracks development goals, and enhances learning experiences.
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An idea management system that supports innovative practices, and facilitates idea collection, shortlisting and incubation through a single online platform.
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Change Management

A change management tool that ensures synergy within project teams and facilitates tracking change implementation through clear progress updates.
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An online platform designed to boost quality management and corporate compliance, by automating and standardizing business processes.
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Corporate Performance Management

An online tool to aid CEOs with corporate performance management and strategy implementation, offering a snapshot of vital business activity with real-time data.
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