360 Appraisal

online 360° employee appraisal

Run performance reviews and surveys easily using our online platform.

Our online 360° appraisal tool simplifies employee performance reviews and feedback surveys.

online feedback - made easy

online feedback - made easy

Flexible software tool for performance reviews and employee feedback

Performance reviews can be a time-consuming and stressful activity for HR teams and the employees involved. Our 360 degree appraisal software is designed to simplify the process and improve the overall experience for all participants.

With this tool, it's easy to involve various assessors and get a more comprehensive and accurate view of performance. And by streamlining the process through powerful features, simple instructions, and flexible evaluation mechanics, it enables easy and frequent repetition. It also works as an excellent tool for employee feedback and online surveys.

360° view of performance

A full-circle approach to employee evaluation
360° view of performance

Map to org structure

By uploading the org structure, you can establish relationships and hierarchies for the various roles in the organization, and automate assessor selection.


customize assessments

Get full control and customization over assessments, determining assessor weightage, and questionnaire format, content, and answer scores.


Compare performance

Through individual, comparative and summative reports and visual charts, the relative performance of individuals and departments can be easily evaluated.


Browse through the main functionalities built into our solution

Organization Structure

Upload your organization structure to map all roles and levels and automate selection of assessment participants. Participants are categorized as manager, peer or direct report, and assigned different weightage as appraisers

Employee Appraisal

Create online questionnaires, and track invitation and participation status.

Full content control

Define skill or competency areas, create question pools per area and assign different weightage for each area depending on role. Add assessment instructions.

Automated invites

The tool automates the invitation to participate in appraisals based on organization structure relationships, with identities kept private from appraised employees

Self Appraisal

Enable employees to appraise their own performance. Assign specific weightage for self assessment


View and download data on each employees results, view result standards for the organization as a whole, and spot high potential performers

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Designed for easier management and superior user experience


Customized dashboards and access for employees, managers and administrators


Make it your own by adding your logo, colors, and company info


Option of hosting on-premise or on the cloud


Adapts to various desktop/ mobile devices and Internet browsers


From 1- 50,000 users, with no loss in performance and at no extra cost


Compatible with 4 languages: English, Arabic, French and Spanish