Change Management

Execute change easily

The powerful tool to manage and track organizational change

Use our SKYLITE change management app to facilitate organizational change,
track implementation, and boost communication and collaboration within project teams.

Change Management Tool

Change Management Tool

Ensure organizational change stays on track

MENTOR’s change management tool addresses one of the most common obstacles faced in the implementation of organizational change initiatives — that of ensuring synergy among members of the project team and access to clear concise data on implementation progress.

SKYLITE is an information management application that supports organizational change, by facilitating communication and alignment among project teams, and their management and tracking of change implementation. 

Stay on top of change

Keep project teams on the same page with easy tracking of change initiatives
Stay on top of change


It helps project teams to align and work better together to manage change implementation.



It provides updates on change initiatives, and their projects and KPIs through an intelligent dashboard.



It provides customized views and relevant content to different users.

User-friendly Dashboard

Control panel to track change implementation process.

Custom views

3 different views for strategic, managerial, and operational user.


Monitor progress through KPIs for change initiatives and projects.

Visual data

Quick and clear updates through charts and diagrams


Customized reporting and important alerts for corrective action


Secure, scaleable and responsive

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