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The integrated app that boosts compliance & quality management

Use our KORUS application to ensure consistency,
improve process alignment, and boost quality management.

Improving quality through better compliance

Improving quality through better compliance

Companies that adhere to clearly defined standards in their various business functions experience a direct improvement in their efficiency, quality, profitability and image.

MENTOR’S Korus application boosts company efforts to comply with desired standards and policies, by automating and integrating processes and procedures in business development, HR, projects, clients, and suppliers. 

Compliance made easy

Monitor compliance and uphold quality standards through a powerful integrated platform.
Compliance made easy

Monitor Performance

This practical tool is designed to monitor and evaluate performance on an individual, group and organizational level.


Evaluate Interactions

It evaluates day-to-day interactions and transactions and helps to identify and highlight weaknesses.


Forecast Accurately

It allows senior executives to forecast long-term impact on business operations, revenue and profit.

Business Development

Manage activity on new proposals

Project management

Manage teams, plans and content on projects


Automate client feedback on completed projects

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