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The innovation platform

The innovation platform

Facilitates idea crowd sourcing, management & incubation

INNOVET is an online idea management system that leverages the benefits of idea crowd sourcing, and makes it easy to gather and put into action ideas and recommendations received from customers, employees and the public.

It facilitates ongoing innovation in organizations, by managing the entire idea cycle, including their collection and filtration, assessment and selection, and finally their incubation and implementation. 

Bring good ideas to life

Encourage innovation through a user-friendly and interactive platform
Bring good ideas to life

Start challenge

Initiate an idea challenge, define criteria and collect ideas



Experts filter, assess and green-light ideas


Put into action

Manage idea sponsorship and launch

Custom Views

Different access for idea generator, admin, expert and sponsor

Idea Submission

Create challenges, upload RFPs, receive and filter ideas


Experts assess and select ideas based on defined criteria


Manage idea sponsorship and start-up


Online chat rooms and integrated e-mail


Customizable, responsive to various browsers and devices

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