Knowledge Assessment

Online knowledge assessment

Empower talent management & development with a clear view of abilities

Our online assessment platform makes it easy to evaluate skill levels and track development progress.

Taking stock of skills

Taking stock of skills

Make informed decisions in hiring, appraisal and training

Evaluating employees' abilities in their various roles is a vital part of talent management. It guides hiring decisions, shapes training plans, and supports performance reviews. We help streamline this process through a powerful knowledge assessment platform, that offers a convenient way to evaluate employees whenever needed.

The systems powerful analytics provide a clear picture of abilities, and make it easy to pinpoint gaps, monitor progress, and identify broader trends. This helps make informed decisions on development initiatives, and prioritizes learning efforts towards critical areas.

Examining abilities

Easily assess knowledge and skills online and track learning progress
Examining abilities

Create assessment

Select employees for evaluation by job title or department, and develop customized assessments. Create question pools and criteria categorized under relevant 'focus areas' for each function in your organization.


Manage process

Assessments are carried out online in a convenient way for employees and managed more easily by HR through process automation and dashboards.


View data

Get automated reports with individual and aggregate data pinpointing knowledge gaps, view assessment history to track learning progress, and compare results by job position and department.


Browse through the main functionalities built into our solution


Start a new assessment in just a few clicks, selecting the relevant employees and setting timelines.


Choose assessment language, and pick from multiple choice, Q&A or visual assessment formats. Include customized assessment instructions for easier completion.


For each business function, identify all the knowledge focus areas and create question pools for them. Assign answers and their respective points. Set passing grades and completion time. Manage re-takes.


Automate assessment invitation by job title or department and set time period for accepting invitation. Customize invitation information.


View assessment and invitation status through dashboard. Send automated alerts and reminders to employees.


Customize report templates. Identify areas of knowledge gaps. Download up-to-date visual reports on individual and department assessments.

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Designed for easier management and superior user experience


Customized dashboards and access for employees, managers and administrators


Make it your own by adding your logo, colors, and company info


Option of hosting on-premise or on the cloud


Adapts to various desktop/ mobile devices and Internet browsers


From 1- 50,000 users, with no loss in performance and at no extra cost


Compatible with 4 languages: English, Arabic, French and Spanish