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Boost employee development with a powerful learning platform.

Use our LUMEO learning management solutions to streamline training in your organization
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Efficient Training. Engaged Learning

Efficient Training. Engaged Learning

Simplify learning management with this intuitive online solution

Corporate training teams face an ongoing challenge in ensuring all employees are on an effective learning path. It takes considerable effort to address the learning needs of every employee and create appropriate programs to help them move forward in their careers.

MENTORs learning management system - LUMEO - is a comprehensive solution designed to centralize and streamline talent development, bringing together all users, processes, content and data. With a host of customizable applications, it facilitates competency management, assessment and career planning, and provides easy access to learning content and activities.

Boost employee development

The efficient way to manage talent and learning in organizations
Boost employee development

Streamlined function

This powerful platform manages the learning and development function more effectively and ensures process continuity, while facilitating reporting and tracking of employee development using real-time data.


Blended learning

It facilitates varied learning by managing classroom, electronic and peer-to-peer learning, and encourages knowledge sharing and social learning. It also provides access to a centralized and easily updated online learning library.


Competency Alignment

Its competency modeling component incorporates the organization's competency framework, and enables job role mapping and career planning, while its assessment component facilitates training needs analysis and learning impact measurement.


Browse through the main functionalities built into our solution


Register for workshops, invite employees to training, set mandatory courses, provide course feedback and generate certificates


Upload courses, invite employees to training, provide course feedback, generate certificates and run pre / post assessment to measure learning


Integrate org structure and competency framework with HR processes, and run online competency assessments


Run online assessment for employees to test technical knowledge as part of recruitment and training needs analysis


Enable multi-dimensional online appraisal of employees as part of performance management, reward schemes or company-wide surveys


View training history and see results from competency assessment, knowledge assessment and appraisals on an individual and department level. Get downloadable reports and automated alerts and reminders

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Designed for easier management and superior user experience


Customized dashboards and access for employees, managers and administrators


Make it your own by adding your logo, colors, and company info


Option of hosting on-premise or on the cloud


Adapts to various desktop/ mobile devices and Internet browsers


From 1- 50,000 users, with no loss in performance and at no extra cost


Compatible with 4 languages: English, Arabic, French and Spanish


Watch a brief video to see how LUMEO can improve learning management in your organization. Or contact us for an in-depth demonstration on LUMEO's features and functionalities.

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