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online mentorship

The practical app that enriches mentoring and coaching

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A better way to mentor

A better way to mentor

Simplifies communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing

Corporate mentoring and coaching can be a powerful method used to transfer knowledge, but following a traditional format is not the most convenient and effective route today, especially when the mentor / coach  and the trainee are from different organizations. 

To address these challenges, we have created an online platform that boosts the mentoring relationship and transfer of knowledge. APRENTIS brings together the program’s activities and users, facilitates their execution and management, and improves learning impact and overall experience. 

Easy communication and moderation

Makes it easy for participants to share ideas and information anywhere
Easy communication and moderation


This app facilitates ongoing communication - a key success factor in these programs — and enables mentors, coaches and their trainees to collaborate and share information anywhere at any time.



Participants are able to view and schedule sessions, set goals and assess their achievement, share ideas and mail one another, and upload relevant content.



Program administrators can track the process, download automated reports and check activity level and performance of all involved parties.

Custom views

Different view for mentor/coach, trainee and admin

Participant matching

Recommends mentor with mentee matching based on profiles

Program cycle

Add mentoring cycle, objectives and action plans


Schedule coaching sessions and view training calendar


Track and report action plans and participation


Dynamic mentee assessment tool


Forums, mass / individual email, automated feedback email


24 x 7 access through desktops, tablets and mobiles


Scaleable and customizable

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