Cultural and work conditions challenges

Emarati workforce often consider private sector working conditions inferior and unsuitable due to the absence of certain benefits associated with their local culture, such as frequent work breaks, working conditions, social security, and pay.

The UAE government is aware of these challenges and is taking steps to address them. They have launched initiatives to improve work conditions and support Emirati employees such as NAFIS. However, private companies are encouraged to do more to ensure that the country has a strong Emirati workforce for years to come.

MENTOR had the chance to support many UAE Nationals Development Programs by planning and delivering various programs to help young UAE nationals to be fit for joining private sector jobs through setting strategic partnerships, training people, and facilitating job onboarding.
Moreover, we strive to support the continuing development of local Emirati talent and give them the opportunity to develop and hone their technical and soft skills.

Are you looking to instill cultural initiatives in your organization to ensure the right support for your talent pool?