How to Improve Employee Engagement for the Remote Workforce

How to Improve Employee Engagement for the Remote Workforce

Remote work has become an efficient and convenient option for both employees and businesses. Working remotely provides the opportunity of connecting with talent across the globe and it has many advantages such as eliminating commute time. However, remote work also has the risk of employees feeling isolated. HR leaders and executives actively have to come up with tangible ways to enhance the remote employee experience and make sure that remote employees are happy and feel like they are a part of the team, which is challenging to establish without face-to-face interaction.

Open communication is key in ensuring employee engagement. Providing access to information and being transparent allows employees to feel involved in and committed to their workplace. Based on the “Trust, tools and teamwork: what workers want” article published by Slack, 55% of business owners think that they are very transparent, yet only 18% of employees agree. Communication gaps negatively impact productivity and make employees feel like they are not involved in the decision-making process. Employers that establish open communication and a sense of transparency across the organization are more likely to have engaged and enthusiastic employees.

Measuring employee productivity without face-to-face interactions gets challenging for managers, especially for corporations that don’t use productivity intelligence software. A common mistake among managers that negatively impacts productivity is micromanagement. For a more engaged workforce, managers should adapt the way they measure productivity. Instead of micromanaging employees to certify that they are working hard, managers should set goals, be communicative about their expectations, and potentially invest in technology tools, such as productivity intelligence software, to have a thorough understanding of employee productivity without turning to micromanagers.

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