Remote Work is the Future

Remote Work is the Future

A growing number of companies are announcing permanent remote work plans and advocating flexible workplace models. Many corporations were forced to rapidly adjust to remote work two years ago, at the peak of pandemic lockdowns. The popular belief at the time was for remote work to be a temporary solution to a global crisis. However, many large corporations, including Zillow and Adobe, have abandoned return-to-office plans and are giving their employees the option to work remotely in the long run.

The latest to hop on the trend of indefinite remote work is Airbnb. As reported by Business Insider, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, has announced that they will be giving employees the liberty to permanently work remotely. The future of work for Airbnb employees also entails the option of moving to another country for 90 days per year and the freedom to work from anywhere in the country, for U.S workers, without any decrease in their earnings.

On the other hand, tech companies that are implementing hybrid models, such as Google and Microsoft, are ameliorating the perks offered in the office space in an effort to increase employee preference to work from the office. Nevertheless, with the elimination of commute time and flexibility to travel, remote work remains to be more alluring for many. Employees, at a global scale, got used to the comfort and flexibility of working remotely, and show a strong preference to continue to work from home.

Remote work is the present and the future. As executives are observing this trend and accommodating the demand through pseudo-offices or added perks, they are also simultaneously searching for optimal ways to measure and enhance productivity in a remote work environment.

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