Talent Retention Challenges

It is important for organizations to retain talented employees because they can contribute significantly to the success and competitiveness of the company. Talent retention is particularly important in today's economy, where the demand for skilled workers often exceeds the supply, and where employees have more options and are more likely to switch jobs if they are not satisfied with their current work situation.

Once businesses have hired top Emirati talent, they need to focus on retaining them. This can be done by:

1- Building a robust induction program

2-Providing opportunities for learning and development

3- Creating clear career paths

4- Encouraging open dialogue

5- Providing ongoing support and inclusive work environment

had the chance to support many UAE Nationals Development Programs by planning and delivering various programs to help young UAE nationals to be fit for joining private sector jobs through setting strategic partnerships, training people, and facilitating job onboarding.
Moreover, we strive to support the continuing development of local Emirati talent and give them the opportunity to develop and hone their technical and soft skills.

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