What Are Productivity Intelligence Benefits?

What Are Productivity Intelligence Benefits?

Did you know that productivity intelligence tools provide the insights you need to make better decisions and drive powerful change in your organization? As the number of remote employees continues to grow worldwide, business intelligence tools are providing enhanced analysis relative to human behavior in the workplace. They could be the solution you’re looking for to keep your employees productive and grow your business. In this article, we will discuss three main benefits of using productivity intelligence tools in your business.

1- Boosts Productivity

Productivity intelligence gives organizations the ability to understand daily productivity - in real time. One of the most important things these tools allow you to do is to identify unproductive workflows and unproductive employees who are at risk of burnout and know about their capacity, so if you find an employee struggling, you can use that information to coach the issues you’ve identified and help them improve. However, your overachievers and high performers could also be at risk of burnout without you noticing, because they are the LEAST likely to tell you they are burnt out and need your support to better accommodate them. On the other hand, these tools can help in pinpointing high performers who are ready to be promoted and take higher positions. Knowing all these information from a reliable resource and acting upon them will result in increased productivity, job satisfaction for employees and higher profitability for the business.

2- Presents Objective Insights

When presented in a holistic view and rooted in context, qualified data offers an objective measurement and true viewpoint of employee achievements. As a manager, you will have a transparent understanding of how employees allocate their time and how productive they are which paves the way for better decisions backed by qualitative and quantitative insights. In fact, insights into productivity not only bolsters efficiency for the company as a whole, but also allows employees to understand how they can allocate their time in the most efficient way which supports flexibility and ensures accountability.

3- Improves Engagement Levels

In order to truly understand and appreciate the work your employees are doing, you need to know what’s influencing them, when they’re most (or least) productive, and how their recent performance compares to historical trends. Data collected and translated by productivity intelligence tools helps you find opportunities to approach unengaged or poor performing employees and take action quickly. So it will help you make better decisions around workforce planning, training, coaching and employee growth; and all that lead to increased levels of employee retention.

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