Mentoring & Coaching

Building one-to-one professional relationships that promote job motivation, goal achievement and career progression
 Mentoring & Coaching
Adapting traditional concepts to today’s learning needs

Mentoring and coaching may be age-old practices, but they have strongly withstood the test of time and continue to offer valuable learning experiences to participants today.

These activities have increasingly become a vital part of employee development for organizations around the world, with professional one-to-one relationships created between employees looking to accelerate the development of particular knowledge and skills, and seasoned professionals with all the benefits of practice and experience.

Mentoring and coaching providing guidance and motivation for employees to grow within a role, progress in their careers, and achieve goals. They complement training and maximize its results by helping to implement learnings in daily work.

How we help

We help organizations leverage the benefits of mentoring and coaching, by taking complete ownership of these programs, planning and managing them, sourcing appropriate mentors and coaches and assessing progress.

We also ensure that steady momentum is maintained and the relationship is cemented through a software application that facilitates the running of the program and ongoing exchange of information.

We help you promote internal knowledge sharing and offer diversified learning opportunities by managing mentoring and coaching programs from start to finish

what we offer

End-to-end solution for employee mentoring and coaching


Design and supervision of mentoring programs that pair new or junior employees with more established and senior team members. These activities accelerate integration into the organization, promote job motivation and loyalty, and support the long-term development and career progression of employees.


Design and supervision of coaching programs that help managers and leaders achieve personal and professional goals and lead teams more effectively, with the help of certified external business coaches.

Online platform

Software application that facilitates the running of mentoring and coaching programs, communication and collaboration between participants, and tracking of learning and goal achievement progress.
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Benefits of mentoring and coaching

The benefits of these programs are mainly skewed toward the learners who grow both personally and professionally, and acquire broader thinking and new technical, interpersonal or leadership skills through a one-to-one learning experience.

However, mentors and coaches also learn from the process by having their thinking provoked and ideas challenged as would normally happen in a teaching role. The process increases work motivation and renews energy in routine-weary professionals that have already achieved much. Training a young beginner also provides a different perspective and better understanding of current ideas and trends.

When mentoring or coaching take place with trainers and trainees from the same organization, they deliver a powerful learning solution for the organization with all the above benefits combined.

End-to-end solution

Highlights of our services:

  1. Program design, management and reporting
  2. Participant assessment to determine needs and focus areas
  3. Sourcing of external mentors and coaches
  4. Development of in-house mentors
  5. Participant matching
  6. Program onboarding
  7. Participant communication
  8. Learning content
  9. Online platform
  10. Project change management and communication

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