Mentoring & Coaching

Adapting traditional concepts for todays learning needs

The concept of mentoring and coaching may be an age-old practice, but it is one that has strongly withstood the test of time and continues to offer a valuable learning experience to its participants today.

Mentoring and coaching create professional one-to-one relationships between relatively inexperienced and young individuals looking to accelerate the development of vocational skills and ideas, and seasoned professionals with all the benefits of practice and experience. Both parties need not be from the same organization or industry, but are paired in a way where learning needs and available experience complement each other.

Corporate mentoring focuses on the long-term personal development of employees and can be useful for onboarding new joiners and accelerating their learning and integration into the organization. Coaching, meanwhile, is more performance-oriented, providing guidance and motivation to achieve short-term and specific goals.


Benefits of mentoring and coaching

The benefits of these programs are mainly skewed toward the mentee / trainee who grows both personally and professionally, and acquires broader thinking and new technical, interpersonal or leadership skills through a one-to-one learning experience.

However, mentors and coaches also learn from the process by having their thinking provoked and ideas challenged as would normally happen in a teaching role. The process increases work motivation and renews energy in routine-weary professionals that have already achieved much. Training a young beginner also provides a different perspective and better understanding of current ideas and trends.

When mentoring or coaching take place with trainers and trainees from the same organization, they deliver a powerful learning solution for the organization with all the above benefits combined.


How we can help

MENTOR helps organizations to leverage the benefits of mentoring and coaching, by taking full ownership of these programs, planning and managing them, sourcing appropriate mentors and coaches and assessing progress. We also ensure that steady momentum is maintained and the relationship is cemented through software applications that facilitate the running of the program and the ongoing exchange of information. Read more about our mentoring and coaching app.

Mentoring & Coaching

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