StrengthsFinder Program

Individualized development program to grow unique strengths.

At MENTOR, we offer a new progressive training approach, designed around a system established by the internationally renowned Gallup organization and centered around an employee’s individual strengths. The StrengthsFinder program follows a highly individualized development approach that identifies those unique strengths and their value in the organization, and creates a customized training program to maximize their benefits.

The program is exceptional in its nature due to the fact that it focuses on building strengths instead of traditionally addressing weaknesses. It also emphasizes the importance of creating a positive outlook for employees to their individual roles in the organization, and understanding how they can use untapped abilities and talents to add value to their workplace.

Three-step process

StrengthsFinder involves a three-phased process, starting with an online assessment of employees in order to examine and identify their top five strengths. This is followed by a two-day workshop that further explores strengths of trainees and their co-workers, and teaches techniques to improve individual performance and the ability to collaborate with others. The final phase, which is optional, involves one-to-one coaching with a Strengths certified coach to create an action plan that builds on strengths and implements learnings in the workplace.

StrengthsFinder for leaders

StrengthsFinder is a highly effective approach to use in the training and development for senior-level employees in organizations. It is particularly suited to leadership development due to its highly individualized approach, its focus on the unique role and value of employees, and its impact on creating a positive work culture - all of which work to maximize openness and motivation in leaders towards learning and development.

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StrengthsFinder Program

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