Study Tours & Field Courses

Learning through immersion

Training is often carried out with the aid of a slide presentation, hard copy manual or online program, but sometimes the physical immersion in a particular environment is the best way for learners to develop a deep understanding of required concepts.

This is where study tours and field courses provide unique value. They transport employees from their usual environment to one that offers a different perspective on learning topics, creating a realistic and hands-on learning experience. At MENTOR, we help clients to leverage these effective formats in order to create unique and impactful learning opportunities.


Study tours

Study Tours can help employees of one organization get an inside view of how other businesses work. It involves establishing a deep understanding of a given organizations particular learning needs and identifying other organizations that have more advanced knowledge, approaches or systems in place and are willing to share this information with others.

The learning environment need not be in the same industry or even country, but should be able to offer valuable information that is applicable to the concerned organization. This option is very useful for start-ups that are establishing structures and practices from scratch.


Field courses

Field courses can be run independently or integrated within a larger corporate training program that incorporates other learning formats. They take corporate trainees out of the classroom and on a hands-on learning trip, usually for a day. The format encourages higher trainee engagement and a deeper understanding of concepts by directly experiencing them. It also offers a welcome change from usual training settings, while still keeping the focus on learning.

MENTORs field courses are structured in a way so that every stage of the course achieves different learning outcomes. One effective application of a field course is taking customer service employees on a customer experience journey and putting employees in customers shoes in locations where this interaction usually takes place.

Study Tours & Field Courses

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