Corporate Training Services

Specialized employee training programs for different functions and roles, designed to address specific learning objectives and delivered by top trainers
 Corporate Training Services
Broaden knowledge. Change mindsets.

We help organizations create a talented and committed workforce through specialized training workshops that deliver learning material with high impact, interactivity and creativity. Custom developed to address specific learning needs, our training workshops encourage in-depth discussion of learning topics and maximize trainee interaction.

Network of specialized trainers

To deliver exceptional learning experiences, you need exceptional learning facilitators. MENTOR's network of skilled instructors and subject matter experts have extensive experience in creating valuable learning experiences to train employees in various parts of the world. Using creative approaches, modern training principles, experiential tools and custom-developed learning content, our trainers deliver high impact training that engages interest, transfers knowledge and broadens thinking.

We design customized corporate training programs that align with your organization's business objectives and address individual learning needs.

what we offer

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Immersive Experiences

We create highly experiential programs to allow immersive approach to learning such as field courses, onsite visits, bootcamps, benchmark exercises for variety of topics. Steering away from classroom settings is highly effective and fun way to ensure an impact-full learning experience. Competitor's mystery shopper visit, innovation benchmark trip, onsite study tour are just few examples...
check this field course to learn more

Leadership development

We create programs that enable leaders to drive strategic vision, optimized operations and organizational change. Our leadership programs are designed to develop leadership competencies relevant to business environment and organizational culture. We help you create engaged, skilled and influential leaders that serve as positive role models.
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Customized Learning Programs

We offer completely customized training programs based on client specific needs, content, challenges and aspirations. Our learning experts meet with you to understand your specific needs, then our instructional designers create custom content and our highly experienced trainers deliver experiential and fun programs with high impact
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Sales performance

We offer sales training programs for sales front-liners and managers. Our programs instill a strong grasp of the organization's and competitors' business models and market positions, a deep knowledge of the organization's offering and aim to enhance employees' sales skills and competencies related to all phases of the sales cycle.
more about our sales training programs

Service excellence

We offer specialized customer service training workshops and field courses for customer service managers and front-liners. Our programs provide the necessary skills and competencies to help employees create the desired customer experience and gain the knowledge related to this field.
more about our customer service training programs

Creativity & Innovation

Our training programs aim to promote innovative culture in the organization and develop employee skills enabling them to become creative thinkers and workers. Our training programs address numerous concepts related to innovation such as creativity techniques, design thinking, product & process innovation and innovation management frameworks.
more about our innovation training programs

Digitization Training

We offer a range of employee training courses delivered by specialized subject matter experts to create awareness and understanding of new technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data, data analytics and blockchain. We help employees explore the benefits and possible applications of Web 4.0 technologies, and facilitate their adoption across various industries.
more about our Blockchain Academy

Employee Teambuilding

Our team building activities aim to create synergy and align cross-functional capabilities to leverage on team cohesion and synergy in a company. Our team building programs drive teams towards strategic goals by combining resources, knowledge & skills. We help clients develop team strategies, processes, interpersonal skills & build collaborative proficiency.
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Soft skills training

We offer soft skills employee training to strengthen employees' capabilities in line with business objectives and personal aspirations. Our training programs enhance decision-making, organization, time management, assertiveness, stress management and communication skills. We customize our training programs to develop specific competencies for career progression in specific roles.

IT Systems training

Our IT systems training programs focus on developing knowledge and skills in the practical application of process-oriented work and software systems, providing detailed training and practice on all steps involved in specific processes. These programs involve system mapping, user manual development and training labs to provide hands-on employee training.
check how we trained goverment employees on PMS system

Technical Skills training

We provide employee workshop training on specialized technical skills required in industries such as banking and retail. We offer comprehensive training programs delivered by industry-specific subject matter experts on specialized topics required to enhance employee skills for a particular job role or within a specific industry.
check our banking technical offering for an example

Train the Trainer programs

Our train the trainer programs develop internal training capacity in our client's organization. Our trainers develop your employees to deliver training on specific topics and use modern training skills and techniques. We also offer training content that can be used by internal trainers for training employees.
more about our learning content services

Orientation Programs

We create employee orientation and employee onboarding plans to accelerate integration of new joiners. We help our clients plan the recruitment of National workforce to meet nationalization targets and we develop national workforce to excel and become a skilled asset in the organization.
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Strengths-based training

We offer an unconventional employee training approach that focuses on developing each employee's unique inherent skills, instead of fixing weaknesses. Our training program is built on Gallup's CliftonStrengths model and is highly effective for developing leadership and management roles, team building and creating a positive and motivational work culture.
more about our strengths-based services

Public Speaking & Presentation

We offer training programs aimed at enhancing public speaking and presentation skills. We offer comprehensive and experiential training that is fully customized to the needs of the participants and are targeted towards executives, managers and entrepreneurs. Our trainers have trained prominent speakers in GCC & MENA region.
check an example course

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