Corporate Training Services

Specialized employee training programs for different functions and roles, designed to address specific learning objectives and delivered by top trainers
 Corporate Training Services
Unlocking Potential and Shaping Mindsets for Success

We help organizations create a talented and committed workforce through specialized training workshops that deliver learning material with high impact, interactivity, and creativity. Custom-developed to address specific learning needs, our training workshops encourage in-depth discussion of learning topics and maximize trainee interaction.

Our Corporate Training Services empower businesses by offering specialized training solutions to expand knowledge and transform mindsets. We deliver impactful, interactive workshops tailored to address unique learning requirements, fostering in-depth discussions and ensuring maximum learner engagement.

Network of specialized trainers

At MENTOR, we are proud to have a diverse network of skilled instructors and subject matter experts, each equipped with extensive experience in creating dynamic learning experiences. Our trainers employ innovative methodologies, contemporary training principles, and experiential tools to deliver engaging, educational, and thought-provoking training sessions.

We create tailor-made corporate training programs that are in sync with your organization's business goals while catering to individual learning requirements.

what we offer

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Employee Onboarding

Streamline the integration of new team members with customized orientation and onboarding plans, emphasizing national workforce development and skill enhancement.
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Leadership development

Cultivate essential leadership competencies tailored to your business environment and organizational culture.
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Strengths-based training

Harness the power of Gallup's Clifton Strengths model to enhance employees' inherent skills rather than focusing solely on weaknesses.
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Sales performance

Equip your sales teams with a deep understanding of your offerings and enhance their skills across all phases of the sales cycle.
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Service excellence

Provide specialized training to your customer service teams, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
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Creativity & Innovation

Foster an innovation-centric culture through training in creativity techniques, design thinking, and innovation management.
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Digitization Training

Stay ahead by offering courses on emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, and blockchain, facilitating their adoption across industries.
more about our Blockchain Academy

Employee Teambuilding

Our team building activities aim to create synergy and align cross-functional capabilities to leverage on team cohesion and synergy in a company. Our team building programs drive teams towards strategic goals by combining resources, knowledge & skills. We help clients develop team strategies, processes, interpersonal skills & build collaborative proficiency.
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Soft skills training

We offer soft skills employee training to strengthen employees' capabilities in line with business objectives and personal aspirations. Our training programs enhance decision-making, organization, time management, assertiveness, stress management and communication skills. We customize our training programs to develop specific competencies for career progression in specific roles.

IT Systems training

Our IT systems training programs focus on developing knowledge and skills in the practical application of process-oriented work and software systems, providing detailed training and practice on all steps involved in specific processes. These programs involve system mapping, user manual development and training labs to provide hands-on employee training.

Technical Skills training

We provide employee workshop training on specialized technical skills required in industries such as banking and retail. We offer comprehensive training programs delivered by industry-specific subject matter experts on specialized topics required to enhance employee skills for a particular job role or within a specific industry.
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Train the Trainer programs

Our train the trainer programs develop internal training capacity in our client's organization. Our trainers develop your employees to deliver training on specific topics and use modern training skills and techniques. We also offer training content that can be used by internal trainers for training employees.
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For sales and marketing teams across all industries. Empower your sales and marketing teams with digital and social selling courses, incorporating modern sales intelligence tools.
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Based upon the UAE Model for Government Leadership which was implemented by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) and approved in 2018 by the Council of Ministers, we are offering this Behavioral Competency Framework E-Learning that is based upon the following 3 pillars: Leadership Spirit , Future Outlooks , Accomplishments and Influence.
more about UAE Model for Government Leadership E-Learning

Prompt Engineering 101 Courses

Our introductory "Prompt Engineering 101" courses offer a foundational understanding of leveraging generative AI for both personal and professional productivity. Participants learn essential skills such as automating routine tasks, generating creative content, and utilizing AI suggestions to optimize time management. Moreover, the courses focus on enhancing professional efficiency through effective prompt crafting.
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