Training programs for banks

Comprehensive training solutions meticulously tailored for the banking industry.

Investing in future bankers

Our training programs empower banks to leverage the internal capabilities of their teams, effectively address daily challenges, and secure a stronger market position.

  • Build management & leadership skills
  • Understand economic & market structures
  • Understand digital transformation
  • Detect fraud & improve compliance
  • Enrich customer relationships & experiences
  • Boost sales & cross-selling skills
  • Build product & process knowledge
  • Improve branch management & teamwork
  • Introduction to Financial Technology (FinTech)
Investing in future bankers

built for banks

We develop comprehensive programs tailored to support learning and development teams within banks, offering a wide range of specialized courses and initiatives.

1. Function-based programs

Our programs mirror the diverse technical skills required to carry out the various functions within banks.

2. Role-specific training

We offer courses that address the individual learning requirements of employees, managers and executive leadership.

3. Specialized trainers

Our certified trainers bring a wealth of specialized expertise, hands-on experience in the finance industry, and a proven track record in delivering training tailored for banks.

Our training programs have been meticulously crafted based on years of experience and a deep understanding of the banking industry in the region, addressing its specific learning needs.

Challenges in growing talent

Challenges in growing talent

Talent development within the banking sector is a multifaceted endeavor, fraught with numerous challenges. These encompass intense market competition, technological upheaval, diverse workforces with unique learning demands, continuous onboarding of entry-level personnel, and stringent compliance with nationalization quotas and regulatory training prerequisites.

In light of these complexities, talent development remains a formidable mission to accomplish. Our training programs are purposefully crafted to aid learning and development teams in achieving their objectives with streamlined efficiency.

sample courses

Examples from our bank training programs

  • Building high performance bank branches
  • Wealth management
  • Selling and cross-selling to retail customers
  • Selling and cross-selling treasury solutions
  • Creating a positive customer experience
  • Retail credit process and risks
  • Implications of cryptocurrencies
  • Teller, CSR and helpdesk essential skills
  • Detecting banknote fraud
  • Corporate governance and ethical policies

enriching talent
Examples of our work

Examples of our work

Highlights of our partnership with our banking clients

  • Developing technical and behavioral competency framework for all job roles in one bank.
  • Managing a mentoring program for new joiners to accelerate integration and reduce turnover.
  • Designing animated e-learning games on performance management and AML.
  • Developing manuals on products, systems, and policies and procedures, to empower internal trainers.
  • Developing a talent and learning management system to automate and centralize activities.
  • Creating an online portal for employees covering the bank's product portfolio.
  • Running strength-based training for branch managers, to boost leadership skills and motivation.
  • Providing an in-house learning specialist team to facilitate training management and reporting.

program components

Different training solutions for our bank partners

Technical training

Building technical competencies for the broad spectrum of bank functions and roles through a comprehensive portfolio of workshops and e-learning courses.

Systems training

Supporting the implementation of new systems through hands-on workshop training, and in-depth manuals with step-by-step guides, process flowcharts and screenshots.

Training curricula

'Train the Trainer' programs, and development of course material and training kits needed for the management of internal training academies in banks.

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