Leadership development

Tailored training programs that empower organizational leaders

Building capabilities for high impact roles

We help organizations develop successful current and future leaders who are able to strategize, build and lead teams, achieve business goals and sustain growth.

  • Improve strategic thinking and planning
  • Bolster confidence and authority
  • Improve team management skills
  • Build problem-solving skills to tackle challenges
  • Boost skills to positively represent the organization
Building capabilities for high impact roles

program structure

3-phase learning process for senior roles

1. Assessment

We offer a range of face-to-face and online psychometric and technical assessments to analyze personalities, skills, and motivations, as per the competency profile or job description for the role, and uncover areas for improvement.

2. Workshops

A customized training program is designed based on individual requirements, with a mix of specialized leadership courses to help participants improve personal, team and organizational performance.

3. Coaching

An ideal follow-up to training, each delegate explores and works on developing individual competencies and skills with the guidance and support of an expert unbiased coach in a one-to-one program.

Our leadership programs are designed around a combination of the organization's business objectives and the participant's personal motivations

Why develop leaders?

Why develop leaders?

Empowering the power players

Organizations are shaped to a great extent by their leaders. Senior executive and management roles have the ability to steer an organization in a desired direction and radically influence strategy and goals. They play a major role in forming the companys public image and setting the tone for its internal culture.

Strong company leaders can be powerful role models and inspire drive, passion and loyalty in the people they lead. With so much interest at stake, organizations must invest in developing the capabilities of these top influencers. We help our clients build successful current and future leaders that are able to steer teams towards business goals.

variety of topics

Examples of leadership development courses

  • Developing First-line Managers
  • Leading the Positive Organization
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Leading Creativity and Innovation
  • Management of Managers
  • Advanced Management Skills
  • Essentials of Management
  • Developing and Sustaining High Performance Teams
  • Talent and Retention Management
  • The Successful Negotiator
  • Finance and Accounting for Non Finance Managers
  • Managing Investor Relations

enriching talent

Create leaders that are able to thrive in their roles and confidently steer the organization to bigger success. Find out how we help with leadership development.