Orientation programs that inform and support new employees

Easy transitions for new joiners

Our orientation programs are designed to facilitate entry of new recruits, accelerate their integration and maximize productivity form the start.

  • Enable smooth entry into organization
  • Build technical and systems skills
  • Minimize work disruption and colleague help
  • Train junior employees and support nationalization
Easy transitions for new joiners

program structure

3 types of programs for different stages

1. Initiation

This stage serves essentially as a welcome to new joiners, usually in video format, with an overview of the organization, operations, products/ services, systems, and HR related matters.

2. Instruction

A few weeks after joining, employees participate in workshops and E-learning that address specific skill and knowledge gaps and help them to fulfill job expectations immediately.

3. Integration

Within a few months, employees are encouraged to continue learning, address gaps and build relationships through mentoring and coaching,

Our orientation programs ease the transition for new employees, and help them to quickly build skills and become part of the team.

why orientation?

why orientation?

Starting out on the right foot

Orientation programs offer numerous benefits to organizations and their employees. They have a direct impact on how quickly new employees are integrated and able to add value to their employers. They also minimize disruption to work routines by creating knowledgeable and skilled workers faster, and minimizing efforts from colleagues to bring new joiners up to speed.

In this way, orientation programs shorten the learning curve of new recruits, making them more productive earlier and saving the organization time and money. In addition, the nature of a new joiner's early experience at the workplace can also set the tone for the relationship in the long run, and influence job satisfaction and productivity later on.

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