Sales training programs

Diverse specialized courses aimed at enhancing sales team capabilities and optimizing performance.

Drive sales with better skilled and informed teams

Sales serve as the primary revenue driver and a pivotal objective for most organizations. We provide an array of specialized courses designed for both managers and front-liners, complemented by a mix of workshops and field courses.

Our training programs help develop sales teams that are:

  • Driven with strong sales and negotiation skills
  • Aligned with strategic objectives and other business operations
  • Knowledgeable on the companys offerings, customers, market trends and competitors
  • A key source of market intelligence
Drive sales with better skilled and informed teams

what we offer

Holistic approach to building sales capabilities

1. Targeted training

We provide tailored programs designed specifically for your organization's sales managers and front-liners, each customized to address their distinct roles and learning objectives.

2. Sales skills

Our programs are meticulously crafted to elevate skills across every facet of the sales function, encompassing areas such as planning, portfolio management, cross-selling, negotiation, presentation, and relationship-building.

3. Product knowledge

This involves a comprehensive curriculum, including courses and product guides, aimed at establishing a profound understanding of the organization's products, sales processes, cross-selling opportunities, and competitors.

Our programs instill a strong grasp of your organizations and competitors' business models and market positions, a solid understanding of your products and services and the ability to present them well.

Sales Front-liners

Sales Front-liners

Develop selling, negotiation and communication skills

  • Master the intricacies of the sales cycle
  • Hone your skills in customer prospecting
  • Learn expert negotiation and objection-handling techniques
  • Craft persuasive presentations based on USPs and competition analysis
  • Identify and effectively address customer needs
  • Deliver compelling pitches, presentations, and close deals confidently
  • Unlock the art of cross-selling

Sales Managers

Develop sales planning and team motivation abilities

  • Develop comprehensive sales plans, priorities, objectives, and goals
  • Efficiently organize and manage sales teams
  • Identify and replicate activities that yield long-term results
  • Implement action plans with well-defined timeframes
  • Diagnose common barriers to performance and devise solutions
  • Generate effective methods to enhance sales team performance
  • Gain insights into manager roles and leadership styles
  • Successfully transitioned from selling to managing
  • Cultivate and nurture a sales-centric organizational culture

enriching talent
Sample courses

Sample courses

Variety of topics to choose from

  • Building Relationships for Sales Success
  • Social Selling
  • Retail Sales Skills
  • Consultative Sales Skills
  • Cross-Selling
  • Delivering Dynamic Sales Presentations
  • Managing the Sales Force
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Sales Acquisition & Portfolio Management
  • Call Centre Training

program components

Mix of formats and tools to enable deep learning


Our workshops seamlessly blend a diverse range of training activities, including role-play, simulations, group challenges, authentic workplace assignments, and captivating learning games.

Field courses

Our field courses provide a dynamic and immersive learning format, allowing participants to gain firsthand experience of real sales performance within their own organizations and, where relevant, in competitor environments.

Training kits

We create comprehensive learning kits that serve as invaluable long-term reference materials for participants. These kits encompass training program content, learner manuals, practical exercises, assessments, actionable plans, and empowering tools.

Is your sales team struggling to meet targets? Boost their knowledge and skills with our specialized training program.