Customer service training

Variety of specialized courses to build service team capabilities and performance

Exceed Expectations. Every Time.

The quality of an organizations customer service can make or break a company, and largely determines the nature of its relationship with its customers.

We equip your customer service teams with the skills and thinking required to achieve gratifying customer experiences. We help you create service teams that are:

  • Committed to delivering exceptional service
  • Strive to exceed customer expectations
  • Posses deep product knowledge
  • Able to build positive relationships and loyalty
  • Manage and solve complaints and problems
Exceed Expectations. Every Time.

What we offer

Integrated solution to creating capable and committed service teams

1. Targeted training

We offer bespoke programs customized for your organization's service managers and front-liners, , with different focuses and learning objectives based on their roles and responsibilities.

2. Service skills

These programs are designed to raise skills across all aspects of the service function, such as customer relationship management, service excellence, creating a service-oriented culture, and complaints management.

3. Product knowledge

This involves training courses and development of product guides to establish in-depth knowledge of the organization's product offering, sales processes, cross selling opportunities, and competitor knowledge.

We offer training that develops the right mindsets and skills to create desired customer experiences.

Service front-liners

Service front-liners

Develop service delivery and communication skills

  • Understand individual role in overall experience & image
  • Understand the customer journey and perspective
  • Identify customer needs /wants and how to satisfy them
  • Improve problem-solving and complaint handling skills
  • Learn how to manage difficult customers
  • Understand importance of complaint follow-up & closing
  • Learn clear and professional communication skills
  • Learn how to promote a customer-centric culture
  • Develop ideas on how to satisfy and exceed expectations

Service managers

Develop service planning, tracking and motivation skills

  • Align service operation with organizations strategy
  • Generate plans, priorities, objectives, and goals
  • Organize and manage service teams
  • Diagnose common barriers to performance
  • Learn how to measure and track service performance
  • Generate methods to enhance service team performance
  • Understand managers role and leadership style
  • Build a service culture
  • Set meaningful service objectives for the team

enriching talent
Sample courses

Sample courses

Variety of topics to choose from

  • Understanding & Implementing Service Excellence
  • Advanced Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Service Quality Journey
  • Creating a Service Culture
  • Service Excellence for Help-Desk Professionals
  • Service Excellence for Call Center Professionals
  • Strategic Service Excellence
  • Leading Service Excellence (Certified CBP)
  • Verbal/ Non-Verbal Customer Communication
  • Managing Complaints & Difficult Customers
  • Dubai Model of Service Excellence
  • UAE Customer Service Charter

Program components

Mix of formats and tools to enable deep learning


Our workshops cover key principles in service excellence, and allow participants to practice service delivery and receive feedback in order to reshape behavior. We integrate activities, such as role-play, simulations, group challenges, workplace assignments, and learning games.

Field courses

Our field courses enable experiential learning, placing participants directly in their customers shoes and taking them through the customer journey. They are able to witness first-hand the way service is delivered by their own organization, and by competitors, where appropriate.

Training kits

We develop comprehensive learning kits to serve as long-term reference material for participants. These include training program content, customer service handbooks, exercises, assessments, action plans and empowerment tools.

Is your service not meeting customer expectations? We'll create a bespoke training program to re-focus your team and address pain-points.