Customer service training

Diverse specialized courses aimed at enhancing service team capabilities and optimizing performance.

Exceed Expectations. Every Time.

The quality of an organization's customer service can be the linchpin of its success, shaping the nature of its relationship with customers.

We provide your customer service teams with the essential skills and mindset needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We assist in building service teams that are:

  • Committed to delivering exceptional service
  • Strive to exceed customer expectations
  • Posses deep product knowledge
  • Able to build positive relationships and loyalty
  • Manage and solve complaints and problems
Exceed Expectations. Every Time.

What we offer

Integrated solution to creating capable and committed service teams

1. Targeted training

We offer tailored programs designed specifically for your organization's service managers and front-liners, each customized to address their unique roles and learning objectives.

2. Service skills

These programs are meticulously crafted to elevate skills across every facet of the service function, encompassing areas such as customer relationship management, service excellence, cultivating a service-oriented culture, and effective complaints management.

3. Product knowledge

This entails a combination of training courses and the development of product guides to cultivate a profound understanding of the organization's product portfolio, sales processes, cross-selling opportunities, and competitive insights.

Our training programs focus on developing the right mindsets and skills to consistently create the desired customer experiences.

Service front-liners

Service front-liners

Develop service delivery and communication skills

  • Grasp one's role in shaping the overall customer experience and image
  • Gain a deep understanding of the customer journey and perspective
  • Identify customer needs and desires, along with effective methods to fulfill them
  • Enhance problem-solving and complaint-handling skills
  • Master the art of managing challenging customer interactions
  • Recognize the significance of post-complaint follow-up and resolution
  • Acquire clear and professional communication skills
  • Learn strategies to promote a customer-centric organizational culture
  • Cultivate innovative ideas to not only satisfy but exceed customer expectations

Service managers

Develop service planning, tracking and motivation skills

  • Develop comprehensive plans, priorities, objectives, and goals for service
  • Efficiently organize and manage service teams
  • Diagnose and address common barriers to performance
  • Learn how to measure and track service performance effectively
  • Generate strategies to enhance service team performance
  • Gain insights into manager roles and leadership styles
  • Foster a service-oriented organizational culture
  • Establish meaningful service objectives for the team

enriching talent
Sample courses

Sample courses

Variety of topics to choose from

  • Understanding & Implementing Service Excellence
  • Advanced Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  • Service Quality Journey
  • Creating a Service Culture
  • Service Excellence for Help-Desk Professionals
  • Service Excellence for Call Center Professionals
  • Strategic Service Excellence
  • Leading Service Excellence (Certified CBP)
  • Verbal/ Non-Verbal Customer Communication
  • Managing Complaints & Difficult Customers
  • Dubai Model of Service Excellence
  • UAE Customer Service Charter

Program components

Mix of formats and tools to enable deep learning


Our workshops encompass fundamental principles of service excellence, enabling participants to engage in hands-on service delivery and receive valuable feedback to refine their behavior. We seamlessly integrate a variety of activities, including role-play, simulations, group challenges, authentic workplace assignments, and engaging learning games.

Field courses

Our field courses enable experiential learning, placing participants directly in their customers shoes and taking them through the customer journey. They are able to witness first-hand the way service is delivered by their own organization, and by competitors, where appropriate.

Training kits

We create comprehensive learning kits to serve as enduring reference materials for participants. These kits encompass training program content, customer service handbooks, practical exercises, assessments, actionable plans, and empowerment tools.

If your service isn't meeting customer expectations, we can design a customized training program to realign your team and address pain points effectively.