Strengths-based training

Personalized development programs that nurture unique strengths.

Strengths. Not weaknesses.

Discover an innovative training approach that harnesses your inherent strengths and maximizes their value, shifting away from a traditional focus on weaknesses. CliftonStrengths represents a forward-thinking training program rooted in Gallup's established system.

  • Highly personalized development approach
  • Identifies unique strengths and develops them
  • Fostering growth and success
  • Effective in team building

Strengths. Not weaknesses.

Personalized training in 3 simple steps

Ideal way to build leadership capabilities and improve team cohesion

1. Assessment

Participants undergo a Gallup online assessment, which evaluates a comprehensive profile of 34 strengths or narrows it down to the top 5, based on preferences. They receive detailed reports along with valuable tools and resources to gain a deeper understanding of their individual strengths.

2. Workshop

The next phase includes an immersive 3-day workshop that delves deeper into individual strengths. Participants acquire valuable techniques to enhance their self-awareness and gain insights into strengths, both in themselves and others. This transformational experience not only boosts performance but also revolutionizes their approach to work and interpersonal interactions.

3. Coaching

Our Gallup-certified coach guides participants in crafting actionable plans for leveraging their strengths within the workplace. Through this process, they gain a deep understanding of their unique strength profiles and learn how to harness these strengths to achieve tangible results, attain their goals, mitigate weaknesses, foster collaboration, and excel in leadership roles.

What happens when we think about what is RIGHT with people rather than fixating on what is WRONG with them? - Donald Clifton, CliftonStrengths founder

Result-driven training

Result-driven training

Research shows tangible growth in learners

People operating within their 'strength zone' eagerly anticipate their workdays, engage in more positive interactions, provide exceptional customer service, and proudly endorse their employers. They consistently achieve higher levels of productivity and experience increased instances of positivity and creativity.

The benefits of strengths-based training are evident in the statistics: participants are six times more likely to be engaged at work, three times more likely to enjoy an excellent quality of life, 7.8% more productive in their roles, and six times more likely to consistently apply their core strengths in their daily tasks.

how it works

Program highlights:
  • Fosters a positive employee outlook and cultivates a thriving work culture.
    Provides employees with insights into their roles and the value they bring to the organization.
  • Guides learners in uncovering and leveraging untapped abilities and talents, enhancing their overall contribution.
  • Motivates employees to excel through its constructive and empowering methodology.
  • Develops leadership capabilities by aiding leaders in assessing their strengths and their influence on the organization.
  • Enhances team cohesion by recognizing and harnessing the unique strengths of team members, thereby forming teams that maximize their collective potential.

enriching talent

program highlights

See what's behind the success of strengths-based training

Developed by Experts

Established in 2001 by the renowned Gallup organization, strength-based training is run by expert coaches that are certified, passionate and able to inspire enthusiasm in trainees.

Based on Research

In 5 decades of research and development, more than 1 million work teams have been studied, tens of thousands of individual interviews conducted, and countless executives, leaders, managers and employees coached. Over 13 million people have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment and 11 industries in 111 countries have been covered.

Tried and Tested

Adopted in training thousands, the models success is due to its positive outlook toward talent, and its individualized focus and action plan based on unique strengths.

Tangible Impact

This life-changing experience enables a deep understanding of abilities, and real improvement in productivity, interaction with peers and customers, and personal lives.

Ideal for leadership development

CliftonStrengths is a highly effective approach in leadership development due to its individualized approach, focus on the unique role and value of employees, and impact on work culture.

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