Behavioral competency Framework for UAE Federal Government

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This e-Learning program includes an explanatory framework of behavioral competencies, as approved by the Federal Authority of Government Human Resources FAHR. This framework is considered an integral component to successful implementation of Employee Performance Management, Learning and Development, Career Development, Recruitment, and HR planning.

The employee will gain a holistic understanding of the concept of competencies, while demonstrating how they are used, understood, and developed. They will also learn how to acquire leadership skills, abilities, and behaviors that contribute to effective performance and the management of career progression.

More about this program

Key Competencies

This E-learning program covers the following main competencies

Leadership Spirit

Government leader leads by example. They will enable others by ensuring they have the skills required to drive the organizational objectives, and an effective communicator with skills and ability to instill and drive desired values, passion and happiness in the workplace.

Future Outlooks

Future leader recognizes the impact of global and national trends, they strive to implement new innovative practices, technology and unconventional methods to drive organizational success while ensuring risks are mitigated.


Government leader has the ability to drive and align organization strategic and operational objectives in line with wider government and national agenda. They are resilient and responsive to global market changes.

Our E-learning program provides interactive and engaging content in Arabic along with quizzes to measure progress.

Program Objectives

Program Objectives

  • Define a set of standard competencies for staff at all levels across the UAE Federal Government, to assist in achieving strategic objectives and organizational effectiveness and culture.
  • Identifying the different desired behaviors at each level and providing detailed descriptions of what each level of behavior includes.
  • Giving line managers and employees a holistic understanding of the concept of competencies and explaining how they are used.
  • Understand, develop, and acquire leadership skills and behaviors that contribute to effective performance and the management of career progress.
  • Achieving employee’s underlying capabilities, as the model reflects set competencies to be acquired, regardless of the job level.

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