Training Workshops

Broaden knowledge. Change mindsets.

We help organizations to create a talented and committed workforce through specialized training workshops that deliver learning material with high impact, interactivity and creativity. Custom developed to address specific learning needs, our workshops encourage in-depth discussion of learning topics and maximize trainee interaction.


An extensive network of specialized trainers

To deliver exceptional learning experiences, you need exceptional learning facilitators. MENTORs network of skilled instructors and subject matter experts have extensive experience in creating valuable learning experiences for employees in various parts of the world. Using creative approaches, modern training principles, experiential tools and custom-developed learning content, our trainers deliver high impact training that engages interest, transfers knowledge and broadens thinking.

Training Workshops

Featured training programs

Our programs deliver learning on specialized subject areas and for various roles and seniority levels.

Onboarding & Nationalization

Develop onboarding plan to accelerate integration of new joiners. Plan for recruitment of National workforce to meet nationalization targets.Develop national workforce to excel and become a skilled asset in the organization.


Help entrepreneurs gain necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for SME development. Enable new organizations to be competitive and profitable through innovation. Foster entrepreneurial capabilities in employees to recognize new business opportunities.

Business Capability & Strategy

Define and improve business architecture by understanding business capabilities. Create and implement business strategies that leverage the capabilities. Help the business achieve its potential in a global marketplace.

Professional Development

Strengthen capabilities in line with business objectives & personal aspirations. Enhance decision-making, organization, time management, assertiveness, stress management & communication skills. Develop talent pool & competencies for career advancement.

Marketing & Sales Management

Develop strategic marketing capabilities to align with customer & market needs, and maximize reach. Enhance strategic, interpersonal and negotiation capabilities to enhance sales performance. Create competitive & unique positioning to become a market leader.

Human Resource Management

Strategically plan and execute HR initiatives to create positive workforce and culture. Develop engaged and capable HR team to manage all stages of employee lifecycle. Promote an engaged and talented workforce to enhance business productivity.

Leadership & Management

Enable leaders to drive strategic vision, optimal performance & organizational change. Develop leadership competencies relevant to business environment & organizational culture. Create engaged, skilled & influential leaders that serve as positive role models.

Technical & Systems Training

Transfer technical, process & system knowledge to learners at various skill levels. Develop skills in the practical application of technical concepts, process-oriented work or software systems. Develop these capabilities faster and with better results.


Promote innovative culture and develop employee skills & techniques to be creative thinkers with practical transformative solutions. Develop organizational agility to learn, transform & thrive through change. Encourage development of new practices & products.


Create synergy & cross-functional capabilities to leverage diverse competencies in a company. Drive teams towards strategic goals by combining resources, knowledge & skills. Develop team strategies, processes, interpersonal skills & collaborative proficiency.

Train the Trainer Programs

Develop internal training capacity to ensure long-term training capability. Transfer knowledge relevant to the training topic, and modern training skills and techniques. Deliver learning content that can be used by internal trainers for training employees.

Blockchain Academy

A range of courses delivered by specialized trainers to improve understanding of blockchain technology, its possible applications and how to capitalize on its benefits to improve operations and offerings across various industries.

Talk to a learning specialist to discuss creating a customized training program for your organization.